Cold is Gone – Tijuana Reader Adventure – Beyonce, Katherine McPhee, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Lautner

This post is going to be short on words but with a lot of pictures.

Last week, I didn’t get much done because I was still hibernating. I managed to brave the cold for a limited time and worked on an article that got published: A baby was born on the San Ysidro/Tijuana border. But for the past few days, it has been nice and warm. And nice days inspire me to work more, in fact, I already sent an article in today and I am ready to write more.

Speaking of a nice warm day. This past Saturday, I had a Tijuana Adventure with guys from the San Diego Reader. It was a real fun day, but a really short tour. I wished I took them to more places, but it was enough for Andy (from the Reader) to get a bunch of really nice pictures.

Leading the guys through Plaza Santa Cecilia after warm up beers at Nelson’s. 
On Calle Segunda to enter Pasaje Rodríguez through the back
33 - aWbx0JM
Pasaje Rodríguez walkthrough before food at Colectivo 9.

36 - MlgLXoN 37 - i6vSgym 38 - ouLu29R 39 - DS6Eu2F 40 - 4y0znGw 41 - QWLF215 42 - ITBwqDJ

We went to Dandy’s del Sur for an assignment for the magazine and met up with the 6-toed cat.
09 - Tp2LS31 50 - aqWvVrW 49 - lbgs12Y

After that, we went to Norte Brewing Co. which is located on the 5th floor of a parking structure with amazing views. This is my favorite brewery at the moment for downtown Tijuana.

13 - dEbsk4c  20 - qdnTccV 19 - HUPUtmj 18 - wPmLsoh 17 - EZffkHw 16 - NWWNU0N 15 - 5psd62t 14 - R6AiG7S 22 - cdo86wj

All credit to the pictures goes to Andy of the Reader. They got shared on the facebook of the Reader, which has increased my traffic for Tijuana Adventure and it might give me a bunch of new clients. This post will be x-posted on my tour blog page here and more adventures will come!

Since I don’t have much to talk about… and I can’t decide what celebrity to post. I went back and looked at what I was doing exactly today but in 2010. The answer was, working at LAX. The celebrities were: Beyonce, Katherine McPhee, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Lautner.
Taylor Lautner
In the same folder of this shoot, I have the back of Britney Spears’ head. So I guess Britney was snuck-in to her flight on the bottom floor while paparazzi were distracted with Taylor. I also saw the werewolf kid a bunch of times at LAX and in her home when he lived in Valencia, Ca.
Mcphee (1)
Katherine McPhee was always a sweetheart. I saw her a bunch of times at LAX and once in the valley. This time, I barely got a picture of her and it’s not even sharp.
zKim K
I saw Kim Kardashian (and her whole family) so many times at LAX. Kim is really photogenic and obviously really nice to the paparazzi. After all, it was the paps that made her who she is today. I have thousands of pictures of the Kardashian, I am sure I saw them more than once a week for like 3 years straight…
beyonce flash (1)

And finally, Beyonce. I’m going to get a lot of hate for this… but…
beyonce flash 2 (1)

Beyonce is the worst diva in the world and not a nice person. Her ginormous bodyguard that looks like Charles Barkley’s twin brother is an aggressive motherfucker that fears no one. This was not the first time I saw Beyonce (and not the last) and she was always surrounded by bodyguards. I didn’t even get close to her and he pushed me away. I never got clear pictures since her group of assistants block you and stand on the way.

beyonce long (1)

But of course, they didn’t know we were going to be waiting on the upstairs area with long lenses. They still hid a lot and it was around midnight so the pictures were no good. But hey, Beyonce! … right? I don’t really know any of her songs except Single Ladies…
beyonce long 2 (1)

So… 5 years ago I was going around through LAX getting celebrity pictures. Now 2015 is about to end and I am still in Tijuana, but things are for sure different than when I started. This city keeps getting better and better and I keep doing better for myself. Thanks to the Reader, my tours might become a popular thing and I am still getting published by them.

The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy. I have a bunch of articles I need to write, there might be a bunch of tours and Tijuana’s Rumble Fest is on December 5th which is one of the best concert of the year. Until next week!



Hibernation Started – France – Marion Cotillard

A week has passed and I have nothing to show for it. I didn’t get published even once. That is because I didn’t even write one single article. I told myself that during weekdays I had to work at least on one a day. This last week I only took pictures for two I had in mind but didn’t do any work there after. And it is not like I was out partying. I simply have been sleeping, eating, listening to music, netflix and cuddling with my cat. I left my apartment a couple of times just for food and a couple of beers. I did almost nothing productive. It’s too cold, I’ve been in hibernation mode.

Despite having many ideas, they all seem to come to a halt. Suddenly the whole world revolves around the terrorist attacks in Paris. People are quick to make their opinions and blast them in social media, most posts are about themselves. My favorite status that everyone is sharing lately is asking people why do they care so much about Paris and fail to share or grasp all the horrible occurrences that happen elsewhere in the world on a daily basis. I feel like I need to give them a simple reason why.

Because Westerners (especially middle class) relate to the people in France and not with war-torn nations. I am not saying that I believe that someone’s life is more valuable than another, I am just acknowledging that I can relate to them easier and it makes it much more scary. If you haven’t seen the graphic videos or photos, those were just people my age enjoying a rock concert. No one imagined the horrible shit that happened that night.

Compared the Paris situation to people in the Middle East who live this horror on a daily basis (and a lot of other countries as well). I am not saying just because they are in that shit situation that they should get used to it, but it sure is a different context. The attacks happened in Paris. I have never visited the city, but I imagine is like any other developed city in the world. A safe bubble where horrible shit is not supposed to happen. Of course it is way more relatable and shocking than to find out that some country you never heard off got bombed. Again, not justifying the bombing, just trying to explain why some news matter and others go unseen.

Also, it matters more because I know people from Paris, who have visited Paris and who currently live in Paris. Again, not saying that one life has more value than another, but to my relatable context, I care much more for the city of Paris and the country of France than any other in the Middle East. Not because I care less does it mean that they should bomb it to the ground, I am just more likely to not pay attention.

I have had the fortune to host a couple people from France in Tijuana. With one of them I did an investigative video I shared here before:

The other was a really funny French guy who spent a week with me and had a blast the whole time. Here he is swallowing the worm from a mezcal bottle.

I am an open minded guy. I have met people from a lot of the parts of the world. But I have never met a Syrian. I haven’t even met anyone that has been to Syria. I barely even met Muslim guys. I have a white friend that lives in Saudi Arabia and from what he tells me, that place is insanely different.

I am always open to meet new people from anywhere, but I haven’t had the fortune to do so. Because of that, I am more inclined to read, comment, and share news that relate to me. Even change my fucking picture with France’s flag to show solidarity (I haven’t and I won’t, my French friends know I support them). I do not think French lives are more valuable, but I personally, give them more importance. Especially to a bunch of kids who went to a fucking concert. Knowing that could be me or any of my friends is the scary part. None of my friends are out in the middle of a civil war.

To close my commentary I would like to recommend a book by Havo Saleta:


My copy of the book that Savo gave to all the International graduates of my University and a must read. Click the image (or here) for Amazon link to buy the book!

This is a guy from Bosnia who lived through the civil war when he was a kid, saw a lot of violence, suffered hunger, but more importantly, learned to forgive his enemy. I went to college with Havo. We weren’t technically friends, more like acquaintances. I played soccer with him a few times, saw him in International student meetings and brush shoulders at Peace Studies classes. Savo went on to study at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa for a PhD on Post Conflict Development and Reconstruction.

Also, by my own rules I force myself on this blog, I am going to post about a celebrity. And what would be best but a French celebrity. I had photos of Johnny Hallyday, which would be most appropriate, but I could not find them. It made me realize that I am missing all my pictures from August 2009 to November… Big chunk of my paparazzi life. Also, almost all of 2007 and 2008 is lost. It wasn’t until 2010 I started to have an “organized” filing system for my pictures.

Anyway, here is Marion Cotillard. I remember seeing her more than twice and couldn’t only find this one set from July 13, 2010. I remember her not being that cool with the paparazzi, that that day, as soon as she got out of the car we started flashing her. Turns out, she checked in with her boyfriend and we had more than 20 minutes to shoot, which was good, cuz most of my flash photos were soft. Here is some frames out of a set of over 200 pictures.
july 13 2010MAT_5040
Flash pictures were a tad soft. Lucky for me, they took time to check-in and were in a great mood.


Some TSA bullshit.

MAT_5873 MAT_5880

And the obligatory TSA bullshit that no more than 3 oz of liquid can be in the same container. So tiny make-up and creams in a zip-lock and chug your motherfucker water cuz Marion Cotillard might be a terrorist.


Well, now that I emptied my thoughts on France and my inactive week, it is time to stop procrastinating and getting too work. I have a Tijuana Adventure coming up this Friday and more on the following weeks. I also have a lot of articles to write if I want to keep living my life of complete freedom.

*Posted two days late instead of a Monday because I am having trouble writing. See you next Monday.

Two Years of Cold Showers, Two Years with the SD Reader – Jane Krakowski

And just like that…. glorious summer days abruptly ended and the cold got here.

Given, it is not as cold as it was when I lived in Minnesota, but it is fucking cold for California. The worst part about it is that I DO NOT HAVE HOT WATER. I have been showering with cold water for approximately two years now. It’s fine during the summer and I get to save water, but fuck, on the winter, just fuck.

The days are way short, it is time to hibernate. Because of daylight savings time, it gets dark by 5:00 pm. All I want to do is stay in bed and binge watch Netflix. And that is what I did this weekend. I went out on Friday, lost in the casino, spent a bunch of money as if I was rich and got home before midnight. Saturday and Sunday I spent them in the couch without showering because of the cold water.

I did work through the week. I actually did more work than usual and FOR FREE. I helped my brother work on a screen printing order of 100 shirts and 100 hoodies. I was with him all of Wednesday in San Diego helping him with whatever he needed. Almost 7 hours of work straight and he realized he had fucked the logo on the order. All the work was wasted. We had to do the whole order again on Thursday, this time with the right logo.

I had time to create a poster for a tour with TijuanaAdventure with a Halloween picture. But I haven’t advertised the tour or tried to get customers. Because the cold came out of nowhere, I am not even sure people would come to Tijuana. Here is the poster:
2015-11-04 13.14.47

I also manage to get published thrice this past week. The pictures that I took in Halloween I spun into a neat story. Wrote a story about a mural that appear on the border wall that reads RAPE TRUMP. And I wrote my bitchiest restaurant review ever (I held back, could have been worse).

Today is also the day I first got published by the San Diego Reader. It has been 2 years since I started submitting random stuff and getting paid. Now it seems so routine, its awesome and I must keep doing it. I always wanted to be a dick restaurant reviewer, hopefully someday a mouse will serve me Ratatouille and I’ll meet Patton Oswalt and he will tell me funny jokes about how life is a shit pile of goo.


So I’ve binge watched Aziz Ansari’s new show, which was great. It was Aziz version of Louie, which makes it more relatable to my generation since I don’t have two daughters and I do a lot of online thingys. The only thing I did not like about the show is that Aziz seems to have forgotten that Hispanic people are also a minority that often gets stereotyped. He represents all other minorities (especially his own), but there was no one latino character on the show. Oh well.

I never saw Aziz Ansari (that I remember). But I did saw Jane Krakowski a bunch. How is this related? It isn’t. The Netflix series I am watching now is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s alright. Not binge watch worthy but pretty entertaining. Jane Krakowski always plays the dumb rich white girl in everything I’ve seen her (uhh… 30 Rock and this).

I have several sets of Jane Krakowski, but they pretty much all look the same, so not many pictures in this post!
These are from January 24, 2010 at LAX.

jan 24 2010 b (1)

jan 24 2010 (1)
June 19, 2010. Pretty basic celebrity shooting.

june 19 2010 (1)

January 17, 2011.

jan 17 2011 (1)
And that is Jane Krakowski and what happened with my life this past week. Jane was cool. Her acting is  ok. Not much to say except I was just watching Netflix and she was on it. Cool story bruh.

If you are not sure what the point of this blog is, neither do I. The point is to get my week started and get work going. At least I accomplished something today. I wrote on my own blog and I showered! (I also cooked and ate and awesome breakfast). Until next week!


I Miss Being a Paparazzo – Neil Patrick Harris Always Wins Halloween

October was a great month.

It started great. I started posting color pictures, had a Tijuana Adventure and got published. But the week after I got sick and everything turned to shit. I quickly recovered to the news of getting published, paid and that Rumble Fest will happen again this year. And it ended the best way. With awesome Halloween times, my post #50, a resume of what the celebrities posted in this blog and my story of Lindsay Lohan in Hawaii.

I got an article rejected but two published on Halloween week. With my mind in Halloween, I didn’t work that much after that. So I didn’t make a lot of money and now I have to push work for the next few weeks to keep going on the right path. On Friday, Donkichow played a show in a venue called 1250. It went great, except for one song that was all fuckidity.

Halloween was extra fun and I will be sharing tons of pictures. For the first time since I quit my job, I took an SLR camera out and about to do some photography work. I borrowed my roommate’s Rebel Canon with a 50mm/1.8f and went out to the streets on my cow costume.  Since 2011 that I quit my job, I have avoided SLR cameras as if they were the plague.

Being a paparazzi ruined many celebrities for me and it definitely took the joy out of taking pictures. For years I only used a cellphone or my iPad as cameras, always itching to be able to fuck with the settings and do much more, but refusing to go back to real cameras. Not my top choice for going around town since I rather shoot Nikon and never really used a fix lens.

I usually carried two bodies, one for short and the other for long. My shots were 80% long lens with a 70-200mm/2.8f on a Nikon D3 while the short kit would be a shittier lens (24-70mm don’t remember the fstop) on a Nikon D700. Before shooting Nikon I used Canon for a couple of years. I preferred the Canon short lens 17-40mm/4.0 f than Nikon’s (even the 24-70mm/2.0 was uncomfortable). After making the switch, it took me a while to get used to Nikon, but once I had it… I was never going back to Canon. Of course, unless I don’t have another choice.

So with a Rebel and a fix 50mm I decided to get some interesting shots for Halloween. It took me a while to get used to the camera and the fix lens. Once I got it right and started taking great pictures, it was too late, I had drained the battery from flash usage and for reviewing pics constantly. No battery grip = way less battery than I expected. No off-camera flash = I used the flash on the body like 20 times and probably killed the whole thing. Oh, how I yearn for my old equipment.
Nevertheless, I really appreciated that I got to used the camera in a really fun night and it made me miss my job so much. Part of it, because the money was good. But the main reason is because I was goddamn good at it. I claim to have the record of the most celebrities shot at LAX in less than 8 hours (27 celebs). I did exclusive sets in the midst of photographer gangbangs. I knew the airport better than its own employees. I knew all the best angles. I am not claiming I was the best, much respect for other photographers that I worked with, I learned A LOT from them. But I was goddamn fucking good at it as well.

Anyway, enough of me tooting my own horn, you can judge pictures by yourself (and I know I can do way better). I just really missed shooting with real cameras. Hopefully I can save money soon and get back to work as a photographer instead of just claiming that I am one.

Before I went out to the street, I practiced a bit with my cat.

2015-10-31 19.01.49
And because I always take pictures of my food. This was my invention before going out.

2015-10-31 19.51.04-1
The 50mm fixed made it difficult to take pictures at a crowded show. So here’s a Barbie.

2015-11-01 00.17.48This is the first costume I saw that convinced me for a picture. I was still rusty with the camera.

2015-10-31 21.34.50We went to get some brews at Norte Brewery. The streets were not packed yet. This picture looks great for a Tijuana Adventure poster.

2015-10-31 21.54.10
There were a lot of Anonymous masks, this is the only one that pulled it classy as fuck.
2015-10-31 21.55.05

The only dog I saw with a costume, at Voodoo Stu’s southern kitchen. Of course the crocodile outfit is appropriate. He looks so sad :(
2015-10-31 21.46.46-1

Saw wonder woman giving out tickets outside another brewery.


2015-10-31 23.13.04

And after a couple more brews, the streets looked like this.


2015-10-31 23.15.21

I played with the slow shutter/camera flash.


2015-10-31 23.18.01

2015-10-31 23.20.57

2015-10-31 23.22.56

Eating street tacos. Took the pictures while walking, focus was not on point but haven’t taken sneaky pics in ages.


2015-10-31 23.24.06

There were a lot of Catrinas. Halloween and Day of the Dead start to become one.

2015-11-01 00.39.41

Cops were everywhere and so were people with costumes, though there was still a big majority not dressed up at all.

2015-11-01 00.50.35

This creepy clown was one of my last pictures. I took many more but edited down to just these few. Complete album is on facebook, more pictures on my

2015-11-01 01.05.50-1

This creepy clown was the best of the night, unfortunately I didn’t get him sharp, but threw a bunch of IG edits on it too make it look legit. I need way better programs for editing if I want to get serious about getting back to it.

2015-11-01 00.45.19


Celebrity Time! Neil Patrick Harris:

I checked my hard-drive to see if I had any Halloween pictures, but apparently I never worked during Halloween. Which is good, because I really like partying those days. But if any celebrity knows how to do Halloween right, it has to be Neil Patrick Harris and also Heidi Klum. I saw Heidi Klum a bunch, but I only remember seeing Neil twice. Both times my bosses and other paparazzi told me that Neil likes his privacy so he is usually a dick. They were wrong. Both times he was awesome and smile at me.

First set is of him with his partner from January 29, 2010. I remember that he was not on my list, but that a co-worker called me that he was following them to the airport. He also got some frames, but because he had to go park, I got the better end of it. Plus, a direct smile from Doogie Howser MD himself.
January 29, 2010
jan jann

jan smile best
Such a Barney Stinson smile…

The second time I saw him, I don’t really have much of a memory. That same day I also saw Tori Spelling and her family and Rose McGowan. Here are the frames from April 3, 2010:
apri april
Checking-in like a normal person. Looks like he spotted me.
apr wi aprwider
Awww machine told him to check-in at front desk. That’s him waiting. SHOCKER they are just like US! OMFG!
apr clo
An airport rep finally recognized him and help Neil out. So he skipped all the lines.
apr chec

Apple decided to launch El Capitan and I did the upgrade. Edits took me forever since everything has shifted and I can’t get the iCloud to work properly between my iPad and computer. Basically, I wanted to be done with this blog post before night fell so I can go do a review of a coffee shop, but with the new time shift and OsX change, everything got fucked. Still, so much work to do. I guess I will be working at night time. Anyway, until next week!
Oh yeah! I was a cow for the 10th time in Halloween. Can’t wait till next year!

2015-11-01 20.13.39
Fuck, 2015 is coming close to an end.

I signed up for this shit! Lindsay Lohan in Hawaii. Post #50!

October has come and gone really fast. You could say the same thing about the year. Fuck it. Life goes fast, old people say it all the time. 2016 is around the corner, yet college feels like it happened two weeks ago (I graduated 08). My college roommate visited me one year ago exactly. He was here during Halloween and this happened.

Credit goes to Woody for recording Tijuana insanity. Just like my times with Drew in Tijuana, Woody’s week went by way too fast.

Following my great week, this week was also awesome. Though I did a lot of soul searching, I ended up figuring out nothing. I guess I am going on the right path. I got published today. I love doing what I do, but it has a downside. Writing about Tijuana is delicate. People from Tijuana are very protective of their version of the city. People like to hate. But fuck it! I quit my retail job and signed up to doing this!

Tijuana has many faces. I write of what I see, absorb, touch, eat, smell and hear, mostly in the downtown area. It is the craziest city I ever lived in. And I love it. It never stops. It’s intense.

Halloween weekend is going to be insane. Donkichow is playing on the 30th. And again I will be a cow. Actually, this time I am going to be an alpacow (alpaca + cow).

Enough of my bullshit, this is my 50th post, let’s see come celebritasssss. The other thing I signed up for that was a fucking roller-coaster.

In chronological order from newest post to oldest, here are all the celebrities I have on my blog so far. I haven’t even scraped 10% of my hard drive. I saw an average of 5-9 celebrities per day and I was on call pretty much 24/7.

Michael J. Fox, Matt LeBlanc, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice, Christian Bale, James Franco, Tommy Chong & Cheech Marin, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Haylie Duff, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany, Danny DeVito & Rhea Pearlman, Chevy Chase, Rihanna, Julianne Moore, Vanessa Hudgens, Audrina Patridge, Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz, Kanye West, Alanis Morissette, Adam Levine, John McCain (the US senator), Axl Rose, Alfonso Ribeiro, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, Matisyahu, Henry Rollins, Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green, Rachel Evan Wood, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Kyra Sedgwick, Lily Allen, Paris Hilton, Fergie, Justin Timberlake, Denise Richards, Blake Lively, Macaulay Culkin, Leighton Meester, Robin Wright, Sean Penn, Shia LaBeouf, Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen, Snoop Dogg, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, Miley Cyrus, Lake Bell, Paul McCartney, Donald Faison, Zach Braff, Bob Saget, Ashley Tisdale, Natalie Portman, Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, David & Victoria
Beckham, Nicole Richie, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Phillippe, and MOREEEEE!

This week’s ass is Lindsay Lohan. And for a change, it’s not at LAX.

I did see her at LAX a lot! I also saw her in random places in LA. We were at the same music festival in Santa Barbara. She lived a couple blocks away from my house. I bumped into this chick so often and it was never worth it. Usually surrounded by other paparazzi. The only pics that were worth it, where of her getting fucked up. And too many of those already had surfaced.

Nah. This story is of the time I went to Hawaii in April of 2009 (I was 22 years-old). I was paired with a Belgian guy who I never worked with before and never saw him after the job.

We knew what hotel Lindsay was staying at, so the agency flew us a day early to prepare for everything.  When we arrived to check-in the receptionist at the lobby was a flamboyant Hawaiian. “Let’s pretend we are gay lovers,” the Belgian said to me with his thick accent. Fuck it. He was the boss of the operation. I played along.

Belgian made up some bullshit about celebrating our anniversary. It worked. We had a reservation for one of the shittier rooms in the hotel. The receptionist said we were in luck and upgraded us to a pool/ocean view room.  We walked around and got to know the area while pretending to be vacationing and thus it was normal to have a huge ass professional camera with. Then we had a shitty dinner (most of the food in Hawaii was horrible) in the mall next to the hotel and went to bed early to get to the airport in the morning. Here are some pics prior real work.
Arrived exhausted!
Just chilling by the rocks wearing horrible orange shorts.
View from the hotel room
IMG_6648 copy
View at night
Opposite view

The happy gay couple.

As we arrived to the airport, other paparazzi were already waiting for Lohan. “Welcome to Hawaii, nothing will ever be exclusive,” that’s how a local paparazzi greeted me. He was a dick and a dick that was also wrong. The set I later got was exclusive. No one got pictures of Lindsay arriving at the Oahu airport. She got snuck out. No one was able to follow.

Lindsay’s flight was delayed, so it was already getting dark. There were no pictures of her that day, but as me and the Belgian dined at the hotel’s restaurant, we saw her eating a few tables away in a more “VIP” reserved spot. Other hotel clients were whispering that Lindsay was in there.

The plan was to wake up early and look for Lindsay. Belgian was at the lobby with a book by 7 am. I told him that it was a guarantee that the first thing Lohan was going to do was head to the pool, so I told him I was going to patrol and walk around. I was right. By 10ish am, Lohan, her sister and some friends were pool side. It was time to go back to the hotel room and pull out the 500mm/2.8f lens (was shooting Canon at the time).

At first, there was no angle. Lohan was chilling underneath parasols. However, the addict that she is, she needed a cigarette. Hotel employees didn’t take long to tell her she could not smoke poolside, and was told to move to the garden. And that’s when it happened….
I radioed the Belgian guy and told him he missed her in the lobby. That I was already shooting. There I was. Hiding behind hotel curtains with a gigantic lens, shutter snapping away. I couldn’t believe how smooth everything was going. Pictures speak for themselves:
She stood there for a long time like that.
And started grabbing her own ass
Her friends and sister arrived

The dude with the curly hair always had crazy drugged up eyes going on.

There were way more pictures, but in travel jobs I shot RAW and those are a bitch to edit on a slow computer. I took around 150. After that, Belgian dude burst in and asked for the 500 lens. He even put an extender, making it basically a 700, cropping the picture way too close. Most of the pictures that got uploaded were mine. The ones published and on the cover of In Touch were mine. Magazines said she looked horrible, I disagree. She looked fine. She looks alright. But I guess “alright” is horrible for celebrity beauty standards.

My agency uploaded the pictures the following morning. Blogs said Lohan was posing for the paparazzi. She was never aware I was there. But after that, everyone and their mothers knew what hotel Lindsay was in and the paparazzi “gangbang” started. The following days around 20 paparazzi from Los Angeles and the 10 Hawaiian locals were parked outside the hotel waiting for Lohan to get out. At least no other paparazzi were allowed in the hotel, except of course, the Belgian and myself. One afternoon she went shopping to the mall right outside the hotel. It was a real shit show.

Inside some fancy shit store buying fancy shit that no one needs.

This is just a good photo. Notice the other photographer on the corner of the frame, there were tons of them.

Flash action in between a shit ton of paparazzi and public from the mall.

And keep walking…

Looking at me like… hey.. I know you.

Whatever this is.

After that, she got in her rental jeep and covered herself.

There were way more shots, and we also missed two important shots. Most of the pictures from there on were taken by the Belgian as I worked as guard/cover for him. There are just pictures of her lounging around the hotel. Because we weren’t parked outside, we were unable to follow when she went to a shitty beach. The other shoot we missed because her flight was leaving at 1 pm. She left the hotel at noonish and we assumed she was going home. She wasn’t. She went surfing and missed the flight. Oops. The boss was mad. Even though I made him thousands of dollars on the previous days.

Worst Week is Followed by Best Week – Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 – Michael J Fox

I did not post on Monday. I am posting late again. It might seemed like I did it on purpose to go with the B2TF theme, but it was more because I was enjoying myself too much and procrastinating is my favorite activity.

Last week, I felt miserable. I had worked a lot and didn’t see the fruit of my labor. On Tuesday I finally got published on a story I don’t really want to comment on. I was still worried about money that I started looking for jobs and created a resume. Then on Thursday payment confirmation came for a story 3,000 words long. They haven’t published it, but I got paid. This is the second time this happens. Then, because I have money, I get lazy and all I do is eat and drink fine foods. Seriously, take a look at my instagram. Most my posts are food, beer or my cat.
insta– Click & follow
Also, getting published about food is nice.
porkon -Click to read article.

On Saturday, I wanted to celebrate that I got paid, but didn’t feel like going out. I got bored and ended up writing an article.

The big announcement. Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 is happening. I am not a part of it like I was last year. I still have shirts for those who want them.
12107895_10100235164446295_5530154495420296044_n – Last year shirts.

I didn’t have a saying in the line-up. Well, I didn’t have a saying in anything. But this was my choosing. Last year, organizing Tijuana Rumble Fest was the toughest thing I’ve done in my life and I ended up losing money. This time I decided to step away. It didn’t happen in the summer like last year, but it is finally happening on the winter.

Location also changed. This time it will be in downtown Tijuana. This will save a lot of problems.

Line-up is much smaller, so schedule shouldn’t be that tight.

It should be one of the funnest days of the year. A lot of rock&roll. I will make an event with Tijuana Adventure to get more people there. I am positive the word will get spread fast. Tijuana Rumble Fest 2 will happen.


This is last year’s promo:

Now that I am done procrastinating, I have a lot of work to do ahead. But it’s so difficult to push myself to work when I have money to just go out and eat. It is so tempting to go for some nice food and a brew right now.

Time goes fast, and if I continue being lazy, I will be out of money before I know it and broke again. Before I go back to that cycle, I will send 3 more articles before pay cut next week. I also should be doing more tours, but time goes fast. I created a poster for a tour on Saturday, never post it because Saturday came along.
2015-10-14 13.41.55
If this is something you would like to do, click on the poster, talk to me through a website and lets go on a Tijuana Adventure!

Now, to ride the Michael J. Fox train and that today is the date on Back to The Future. I did see the Marty McFly once on December 12, 2009. I actually saw his whole family (the real one). They flew in to LAX to go to Disneyland or something like that. From what I remember, the family and himself were extremely nice to the few photographers that were there.

MAT_6947 2 MAT_6956 2 MAT_9769 MAT_9772


I think I like posting in color better now. What do you think? This is my 49th post! Next week will be 50th, which means I posted 50 sets of more of different celebrities I shot. How many more do you think are left? To be honest, I could probably post every week for the next ten years and still haven’t run out of pictures.

Now, I have to come back to the future and do some real work? Like my lame joke? Neither did I.

Shitty Day, Shitty Week – Matt LeBlanc

Sharp pains in my stomach woke me up at 5 a.m.

I got up, took some alka seltzer, and then immediately start puking. And puking a lot. It was horrible.

I wasn’t hungover, though I did drink, it wasn’t as much as a normal weekend. I got food poisoning.

This happened to me exactly a year ago, but this time it was more intense. Shitty Tijuana imitation cheese makes me sick. Even just thinking about it makes me want to puke again.

That’s how I begin my week. Completely feeling like shit. I spent all day in bed twitching, hallucinating, sweating, hating life.

Last week was pretty shitty as well. Though I did a bunch of work, I didn’t get published once. So I am broke as fuck (and behind on rent). It might be time to look for an actual job. The writing gig is too much of a gamble and I need some stability. I actually need to get my shit together. At some point in my young life I was making bank. Of course, I was taking pictures of celebrities in the airport and there is no way in hell I am going back to Los Angeles to do that again.

I have a friend that believes in me and helps me get more writing gigs. I am inspired to do more work this week and at the same time look for a job. I felt like shit all day, but when night fell, I started feeling better. All the food poisoning has left my system.

It’s past midnight and I failed to post on a Monday. But I had a valid excuse. I actually sat in front of my computer convinced I was going to be able to post in the early afternoon, but I got the shivers and my hands felt like they were burning. And now I am just rambling.

Because I am tired, it’s late and I spent all day being sick, I chose a celebrity I only saw once. Hence I do not have to edit a lot of pictures.

Matt LeBlanc.

I didn’t even have him on my list. I just spotted a car with someone that seemed famous inside of it. In fact, after taking the pictures, I wasn’t sure who he was, I thought it was George Michael. The pictures sold to People magazine for over $3,000. I don’t remember the exact payment, but I remember that it was one of the first times that Matt LeBlanc was spotted with grey hair. Matt was a dick, but who cares.

From the set of 38 pictures, only one is worth it. I believe is the one that People mag bought. YAY! No editing.

Picture is from February 19, 2010. I left in color because having it B&W defeats the purpose of talking about his grey hair. Also, because I am going to start posting more color pictures.

feb 19 2010 leblanc

I promise next post won’t be as shitty. I am near my post 50!
Until next week.