First Published Feature Story – More Tj Adventures – Camilla Belle & Minka Kelly

There wasn’t much action this week, just a bunch of cold weather.

Monday I barely remember. I lost at the casino to prove my lucky streak was over, so I forgot about that day.

Tuesday I know I didn’t go out and barely worked.

Wednesday I finally got published on a story I sent on October (and paid the same month). It wasn’t as thrilling as I thought. I had been waiting for it to come out for a while, I was actually feeling nervous. It came out. Nothing changed. I was expecting a cover story and a bunch of reactions, but it ran as an inside feature story and it feels like it was ignored. So far, the article they have paid me the most.

Thursday I went out with my camera to have fun. A show by WORM hosted in Comuna with Voodoo Stu’s as food and an old scary movie played in the background was awesome. Here are the shots of that day. I also got published

Friday I did nothing. I was going out with my camera again, but that my soccer team lost and that the show I was going to seemed overcrowded, I stayed home and waited for Saturday’s insanity.

Saturday came, and I wasn’t getting confirmation about the tour. I went out early with my camera, bumped into some friends, took a bunch of paparazzi pics of people in Tijuana. I got distracted, a friend bought me a beer, and suddenly, I was supposed to start the tour.

Ran to the border. Met the guys. Took em across and drinking began.

We started at Insurgente since they heard of that beer before and wanted to try the tap room. From there to Border Psycho and their dildo taps. Uber to La Corriente Cevicheria Nais for tostadas, tacos and mezcal shots. Walked the streets of Tj like bosses. Made it to Mamut for more beer and mezcal. This is when my night got blurry and I don’t remember a thing. Apparently I was still an awesome host since I took them to two more breweries and then back to the border.


Sunday, was lazy Sunday, almost as always. It was also super rainy and shitty out. I braved the weather to have a hangover meal at Voodoo Stu’s.

Now Monday. Outside the weather is still shitty. Apparently is a holiday, because my breakfast plans went to shit everything closed. Except Ricardo’s a common 50 year old cafe similar to other Mexican cafes like Sanborns or Vips. The meal was actually pretty good and I got a gigantic pot of piss coffee for myself. On my walk home, I went to the casino on an early note. I haven’t lost money like that in there in forever. I could have just thrown it in the trash. When I lose, at least I get some entertainment value. Last week I spent two hours to lose 200 pesos. Today I spent 5 minutes and they were gone. Bitter taste. No more casino for me.

This was my food before throwing my money to the garbage:




Camilla Belle & Minka Kelly
I watched a lot of Netflix this past week. I started watching Jurassic Park The Lost Worlds because I haven’t seen it since it came out. All I remember is that it was terrible. Yep. Didn’t even finish it. But I realized the cute little girl in the beginning is Camilla Belle!

Pictures are from October 8, 2009. That day I also Sharon Stone, Minka Kelly and Whitney Port.



One of those pictures sold a bunch. I remember seeing it in different mags.

Bonus. Pictures of Minka Kelly. I remember I had no idea who she was, she wasn’t even on my list (I was waiting on Stone), but I knew she was someone. It was like 6:00 am…
minka oct (1) minka oct2 (1)
Those pictures also sold…

Now time to get my week started! I have a bunch of stuff to finish. COLD SHOWER here I come….

Lucky Streak Week Reddit Front Page – German Vegan Girl in Tijuana – Heidi Klum

Hey everyone! THIS IS NORA and she is traveling the world. She is a really cool vegan girl from Hannover, (she is 22 years old).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Nora arrived in Tijuana on Tuesday and left Saturday after spending two months traveling/couchsurfing through the USA (her favorite city was Austin). We spend our days looking for vegan food and our nights drinking craft beer. She was surprised by the amount of vegan restaurants I took her and that some of my friends spoke German. She left Saturday morning hitching a ride with someone she met online and will be traveling through Mexico for the next months.

IF YOU CAN HOST HER IN YOUR CITY, let me know and I will tell her to get in contact with you.

As for myself, I have been on a lucky streak since my awesome weekend (previous post). After posting on my blog I went out for adventure and decided to go to the casino. I started with 200 pesos and left the place with 1,000 in my wallet. While touring Nora, I also had a chance to work on some articles. One got published, the other is probably pending. Now that I think about it, I didn’t work as much as I should have… I was too busy enjoying my lucky streak. Which btw, I MADE IT TO THE FUCKING FRONT PAGE ON REDDIT ON THURSDAY.

This has been a life accomplishment since I started to use reddit a couple of years ago (thanks to my friend Fufo for introducing me to that world). And I finally made it. I feel like I cheated… because I used pictures of cats!! Here is the post that gave me 4,257 useless karma points on reddit.

Yes. I’ll take your upvotes.

Bastet Cafe in Tijuana

On Friday, I went to the casino again to 200 pesos bet on the only soccer team I care about, Gallos Blancos de Querétaro. They won vs Dorados 3-0, which meant I made money (I won around 375 pesos). From that money, again I got 200 pesos to bet on roulette. I turned those 200 pesos to 700. Winning in the casino is like magically having money in your wallet.

My lucky streak ended on Saturday… I had a Tijuana Adventure bachelor party with 9 Canadians. They emailed me a couple of weeks ago with safety concerns and I tried to do my best to tell them that Tijuana is safe (especially with me as a tour guide!). They confirmed last minute on Saturday night that they wanted to go on the adventure. I ran through the border when I realized they were there waiting for me. Unfortunately, half the party got scared because on their Uber ride to the border, the driver told them Tijuana was unsafe and advised against crossing the border. At least the guy that emailed me paid me $50 for wasting my time. I really really really really wish they had come down to party.

Since I made money for doing nothing (except planning a bachelor party tour), I wasn’t sure if this was good luck or bad luck. So I went to the casino to find out.

It was bad luck. I lost 200 pesos on roulette and broke my own “know when to quit rule.” I lost another 200 pesos. Got depressed. Went home.

Sunday was Sunday. NFL and beers. The Pats lost, so that’s fucking cool. Unfortunately means that the Broncos are in the Superbowl (I hate them both, but I hate the Pats more. I also hate the Cowboys). Hopefully, the Panthers will destroy them and that will be the end of that. Andy from the Reader came down again, dude is addicted to Tijuana now. We ate and drank merrily and then he went back to San Diego.

After that, I did something I shouldn’t have done.. and drunk texted the girl I like. I am lucky in life but unlucky in love. Seriously. I have no idea how I got to do what I do, buy I am loving it (for the most part).


Heidi Klum

Hey. If Seal can marry a supermodel, why can’t I? I guess they divorced later, but I saw Heidi Klum with Seal and their children plenty of times.

I obviously chose Heidi Klum because she is the only German celebrity I can think off that I have tons of pictures of. She was always cool, always with tons of bodyguards and assistants. It was never difficult shooting them.

This is the earliest pics I have of them, though I feel like I saw them before this night… These are from January 6, 2010 and if I recall correctly, one of the earliest baby pics of whoever that baby is. Celebrity babies paid very well. Stupid people wanting to see stupid babies…

jan 6 2010 (1) jan 6 2010 2 (1)

These are from February 7, 2010. To be honest, I don’t recall this shoot. But judging by how relaxed the pictures look, I am almost positive it was an exclusive and I was probably by myself.

feb 7 10 2 (1) feb 7 10

feb 7 2010 3

These are a week later when she came back from wherever she went (prolly New York), February 16, 2010. A lot of other photographers also on the scene = shitty shoot with flash.
feb 16 10 2 (1)feb 16 10 (1)

These three pictures are from November 2nd, 2010. Seal is a camera guy, you can see him holding what looks like a Leica.
nov 2 10 (1)nov 2 10 3 (1)
Look at him staring at me like “nice camera bro,” but in reality I was yelling to the bodyguard to move the fuck out of the way because his stupid arm stretch was ruining the picture.

nov 2 10 2

And finally, Heidi Klum solo on December 8th, 2010. I swear I remember seeing her more times, but I guess that is all I have. I know this shot was exclusive because I have a picture of paparazzi standing else where with no idea that I had already shot her. I loved doing that…
dec 8 10 (1) dec 8 10 2 (1)

Horrible Week Turns to Awesome Weekend – Olivia Munn

My week couldn’t have started any worse. At least last week I did publish on my blog on a Monday. But after writing in my blog, I went to a bar, took a tequila shot for courage, and I confessed my infatuation for a lesbian girl. It didn’t go well. Why would she care, she likes women. It was a shot at the dark with a success rate of less than .82%, worse even is that I declared my love through a Facebook message.

Trying to separate my emotional life with my financial, the next day I pitched a column I was confident about. “This could either make me or break me,” I wrote on a Facebook status. Turns out I was wrong. The column got rejected, but it open a dialogue with the main editor to work on more feature stories. It was my third rejection after having almost everything accepted. I lost my spirit, but had to pull through.

This is the pitch. Tijuana Matters. MATTers. Get it… ? (screen capped just because)
tj matj mat

I woke up on Thursday at 6 am with a story in mind. I sent it around noon, took a nap, and woke up to the news that I got published. Got hungry and went to eat a burger and also to do work and write another review. On Friday morning I got a couple of emails for Tijuana Adventure and then I went to a cat cafe, again to work on a story. Also my friend Graham visited from Santa Barbara and brought me a gift that will make me happy for a month or more. Graham came for a dentist visit, but stayed to inject Tijuana into his veins, partying with my roommate on Saturday till 9 am.

I couldn’t join them on Saturday because I had a last minute Tijuana Adventure. It was a last minute bachelor party for a guy nicknamed Squints. The tour started at 7 pm and after some small trouble at the border and the taxis, the party was on its way. We started at Plaza Fiesta, grabbing some beers at Border Psycho and Paralelo 28. We then walked to Tacos El Franc, continued walking to El Tinieblo for mezcal, up to Norte Brewing Company for one last craft beer before hitting up the bachelor party debauchery.

I woke up at 9 am to my roommate getting home with Graham. Wild times. Also the bachelor party paid twice the original price I quoted them. Lucky weekend indeed. Except you know, the shit Pats and the shit Broncos won their NFL games (also Gallos Blancos lost). At least I am not emotionally involved in football to care much, but I fucking hate the Pats and the Broncos (and the Cowboys).

Now for this week I have three stories I need to finish quickly so I can start working on a new feature story. This is an article I have been working for more than a year and it should be grand when I finish. The email exchange with the editor was about how he paid for a few of my stories but never published them. I expect them to come out soon!

And holy shit!!! Just to see if luck was really on my side, I went to the casino and quadrupled my money.


Olivia Munn

In completely unrelated news (like almost always), Olivia Munn. I have an autograph picture by her that I am using as a mouse pad. I remember when it happened, Goth the autograph collector was there. Olivia being the awesome person she is, signed over 10 of the photographs Goth presented to her. I asked Goth if he would sell me one, gave me one of them for free since Olivia’s signature was barely visible to the dark background. Olivia Munn also became the subject of my conversation more than a couple of times these past few weeks and I didn’t know she was dating Aaron Rodgers (holy fuck, what an awesome quarterback, he dominated on Jeopardy as well!).

2016-01-07 14.23.46
The autograph picture as a mousepad. The autograph is almost gone :(
Her luggage is fucking awesome.
Flashy flash looking good.
Flashy flash looking over exposed. And the black guy that photobombed all my pics is there photobombing my pics.
A better view of her awesome luggage.
MAT_1768 MAT_1773 MAT_1789
And through TSA! I am always surprised at how good my pictures are… This used to be such a regular thing and I was so desensitized to celebrities…. It’s Olivia fucking Munn looking beautiful and I gave 0 fucks….

According to my hard-drive, the only time I saw Olivia Munn was on October 10, 2010 (aka 10/10/10). That day I also saw Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna and Alfonso Cuarón (story here). And I also saw Eric Bana, Jessica Chastain and Jessica Stroup (I know that Eric Bana was Hulk at some point, I seriously have no idea who the other two are. I think Stroup is from 90210, but I am going to google it). Holy shit! I was right about Jessica Stroup, still no idea about Chastain….

Until next week for more of what used to be my life and what is my life now.

Tijuana Adventures are Going to Kill me, Star Wars, Harrison Ford.

I had an unproductive week, yet it was awesome. I managed to get one story published about Dia de Reyes after getting two rejections in a row. The stories that got rejected took me way longer to work on, the one that got published was an anecdote of how Mexican I am. I got paid way less than what I had planned, but somehow I manage to survive (late for rent again).

On Thursday I saw Star Wars with my roommate, his girlfriend, the Brownie Girl and my neighbor. We went to the VIP theater (tickets only $8). Those theaters are fucking awesome. You get a whole reclining couch, a table and a waiter. I bought a beer, a coke (for Brownie Girl) and large popcorn, it was only $9.

The movie was also way better than expected. I am not a huge Star Wars fan. The original trilogy I saw when I was way young and I didn’t care much about them. I know more about Star Wars through videogames and the Family Guy/Robot Chicken parodies (and Spaceballs). The other three I saw on the theaters and thought bleh of them.

On Friday the Mexican soccer league short tournament started. My team, Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, lost 1-3 and they started winning. This coupled with the news that nothing is going to happen with the girl I like threw me in a drunken manic depression. At least I got to eat at my favorite restaurant in Tijuana, Voodoo Stu’s. His fried chicken is the best chicken I ever had. I had two plates. And yes, people say I am gaining weight….

I had an impromptu Tijuana Adventure on Saturday when a friend told me he broke up with his girlfriend and wanted to go wild. We had one beer at Nelson’s Bar at 3 pm and then we headed down to Zona Norte debauchery. After eating tacos, I took a gamble and said fuck it, let’s try this shit strip club for cheap beers before the real action. The place was horrible as a fat stripper danced to a slow song, the waiter gave us 6 Tecates for $10. We drank the beers faster than frat boys when showing off.

We then went to the better strip clubs where all our money disappeared in less than two hours. The night escalated from there. We drank craft beer, got kicked out of a bar, went to two other bars and then my friends from San Diego went back to America. I wanted one more beer before going home and I stumbled into Tropics for one more caguama. A pretty young girl sat next to me and sang Caifanes with the jukebox blasting. I sang with her and chatted her up. My memory is blurry (because Tropics) but I think I kissed her. On my Uber way home I has a Mason Jennings moment.

“Got too drunk, to drive home. In the cab (uber), I grabbed my phone and made a call I might regret, to a girl that I just met”

Sunday was Sunday. NFL Wild Card games, pizza and curing an extreme hangover. This week I have to work a lot, though I am not sure what to write. Restaurant reviews are an easy guarantee, so I will write a couple of those. I also played with the camera for a bit. I am going to get better at this (light painting).



Harrison Ford

I didn’t read any Star Wars spoilers, not even the cast. When Harrison Ford came on screen I was like, fuck yeah!!!! This is awesome. Chewie is also great. My roommate always says I look like a shaved wookie…

I saw other Star Wars people, but I don’t remember much except for Ford. I already posted about Natalie Portman and I am not going to waste my time with Hayden Christensen (I saw him a bunch because of Rachel Bilson).

Ford I saw once and I remember being nervous. The guy I worked with told me he could be weird though a total legend. He was actually very chill, but my frames were kinda shitty as I tried to keep my distance. Exclusive shots for NPG are from October 24, 2010. 

MAT_3509 MAT_3514 MAT_3525 MAT_3538 MAT_3560 MAT_3564

Until next week! More Tijuana Adventures, more of my shenanigans and more random celebrities.

Awesome New Years, Endless Sunday, Carrot Top


I usually have a shitty time during New Year’s. Not this year. My brother hosted a dinner party in his house with food by his father-in-law, it was amazing. That party disheveled before midnight, which was excellent because I had planned to take pictures of the fireworks from my rooftop.

Here are a couple pics:
IMG_3100 IMG_3104

Here is the full album including food and family pictures:

My neighbor, David, had a small party in his apartment. It was supposed to be pre-drinks and then an outing. The outing never came and I ended up crashing the party until past 4:00 a.m. Cool people, pretty girls, magnificent host, it was a great time. The neighbor next door played with fireworks and I played with the camera:


The next day felt like a Sunday, though it was Friday. My friends/co-workers from the Reader rented a house in Playas de Tijuana, I crashed that party as well and offered touring them the next day. Not only did I crash it but invited my friend Pinche Paco, the girl I am in love with and her uncle. That party ended early and I slept at my parents.

The following day, again feeling like Sunday, early drinking ensued as I toured them around Playami. We followed the tour with craft beers, nachos and pizza in Plaza Fiesta. I ended that tour early as they wanted to Playas and simply crash. Before walking all the way home, I went for one last beer. I bumped into my neighbor with other girls at Border Psycho. I blinked my eyes and the night escalated quickly. I was suddenly in full party mode, taking tequila shots, walking from party to party.

Here are the pictures by Andy:

I woke up on real Sunday, really hungover, really feeling like Sunday when I remembered I had a private Tijuana Adventure (this usually ends in strip clubs). Again drinking and partying for me, this time, getting paid to do so. I am not complaining, it’s just tiring. Nevertheless, it was fun times and I ended with more money in my wallet than the previous day.

Again, I woke up today with the feeling of a Sunday. The shitty weather outside wasn’t helping. I wasn’t very productive today, only thing I managed was to shower, reply to several emails and write this entry. As of now, I haven’t decided what celebrity I am posting. I am leaning towards Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed or Jamie Chung.

Carrot Top

Ok Ok…. so a friend and fellow paparazzi, Ryan Fu (you should check out his blog), suggested Carrot Top. Of course I saw this bizarre excuse for a human. I barely have any memories of it, but I have a few frames that are horrible. I did not care much about taking his picture since I knew it wouldn’t sell (and if it did, maybe just for $10). So here are the pictures of Carrot Top (Scott Thompson), listing who else I saw that day. No disrespect to Carrot Top, but you are worthless and prop comedy is fucking shit. You were pretty good on the Trailer Park Boys movie though.

First time I saw him (according to my hard drive), was on February 4, 2009. That same day I saw Alessandra Ambrossio (who I should be posting pictures off instead), Elizabeth Hurley, Brooke Shields, Tim Matheson and a bunch of people from the then “new” Star Trek movie (including Zoe Saldana).
feb 4 09 (1)

Second time I have him on record was November 20, 2009. That day I also saw Derek Hough, Fergie, Jon Gosselin, Kellan Lutz, Ken Jeong, Kim Zolciak, Meg Ryan, Nadine Coyle and Russell Simmons.

 nov 20 09 carr (1)nov 20 09 (1)

And finally, again on February 4, but of 2010. I saw Carrot Top going through TSA and didn’t even bothered him. I also saw Alice Eve, Emmy Rossum, Jersey Shore people, and Kellan Lutz again. Weird… I saw Kellan Lutz and Carrot Top the same exact day but in different years.

feb 4 2010
I was two days late on my blog. Not a good way to start the year. I also got rejected twice which I didn’t expect, at the same time, my review of the band The 1975 got published and I didn’t expect that one to go through. I’m pretty broke right now, but it all points out that 2016 will be a way better year. I just need to FUCKING WORK. Sorry for being late (to myself, in you haven’t noticed, I talk to myself a lot in here. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER MATINGAS).

New Camera – New Year – RIP Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead

I finally have a DSLR (a Canon 7D). A Christmas present from me to me. I won’t have to borrow my roommate’s Rebel anymore. After a five year hiatus, I am back to the photography world. I chose the worst day to go the beach and take pictures, but here are some of my shots:

Make sure to follow me on Instagram. I also have a Twitter, but all that gets posted there are links to my IG.

Every Monday, to work on my blog, I’ve been coming to a coffee shop in Playas de Tijuana (aka Playami by locals). I have so much work and so much to write, but a girl that I am in love with is sitting next to me. Unfortunately, she is a lesbian and I don’t really have a chance. But having her near is so distracting. She is hitting on a girl….

New year’s is around the corner. I never really enjoy celebrating it. Just like my birthday, whenever I am pressured to have a good time, I have a bad one. I am not sure what I am doing that night, but I know what my goals are for next year.

I already have a couple of Tijuana Adventures lined up. I also have a couple of shows for my math/noise-rock band (Donkichow). I have so many articles to work on, but I am not able to think of anything with this girl next to me. I can’t even finish writing this blog post.

Short post because I can’t concentrate and say much more about what is going on…

Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead died today :(

I just found out through TMZ.

I took his picture once at LAX. He was cool. He gave 0 fucks of getting his picture taken.

I don’t really know many Motörhead songs besides Ace Of Spades, which has the line: “You know I’m born to lose, and gambling’s for fools, but that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live for ever.” Deep respect for anyone that can rock like Lemmy. Here is Lemmy getting through TSA on April 8, 2009:


IMG_2517 IMG_2518

IMG_1108 IMG_1121

Until next year! Expect more photography, more work, more Tijuana Adventures!

Obsessed with Photography – Awesome Week Now I am Sick – Antoine Dodson

I had an awesome week.

Today I slept all day because I woke up feeling really sick. Like always, a tad late on a Monday but my blog post will be up.

On Tuesday, I accompanied a friend to watch the band The 1975. They were terrible. I wrote a review and send it to the Reader, though I haven’t sent any music reviews in ages. I hope it gets published though a lot of girls are going to hate me because they are really popular.

I can’t remember what I did on Wednesday and Thursday but I am pretty sure I worked and then had fun.

Friday, I went to San Diego to pick-up my check that got delayed. I finally got to see the inside of the office. I got to talk to a co-worker who happens to be selling a Cannon 7D. So I will be getting a new camera for X-mas and he is letting me borrow a nice lens. I also went to a friend’s house, we jammed, we smoked and I might be joining his band in San Diego.

That same Friday, at night, I got paid in booze to shoot a party in Tinieblo Bar. I am so excited to join the photography world again, that I have been borrowing my roommates Rebel Xti. The pictures came out better than I expected despite having not awesome equipment. One of the DJs brought better equipment and a strobe that he let me borrow for a while which helped a lot.

Here is the album for that night:

On Saturday I had a show at the legendary Zacazonapan Bar. We opened the show and people left immediately. But after we were done I heard nothing but good comments of Donkichow! I stayed the whole night at the bar and… well… I got pretty drunk. At least I went home at a decent time and in one piece. I wanted to take a camera to the show and film the whole thing, but I am very glad I didn’t.

Sunday, I woke up feeling like shit (naturally), but I was still obsessing with taking pictures. I fought my hungover the best that I could and took my roommate’s camera to a Posada in Pasaje Rodriguez. Again, pictures could have been way better but I haven’t taken pictures in forever. It’s like I have been asleep from the photo world for the past 5 years. I convinced myself that my iPad was good enough to take pictures for my articles, which is not. It takes okay pictures, but never grand awesome pictures, for that I need a pro-SLR. I can’t wait to start shooting again.

The paparazzi job definitely took the joy of photography away from me. On my last year as a paparazzo I used to shoot with a Nikon D3 with a 70-200mm/2.8f. Pretty awesome gear, but that camera body was also the one that took the picture of Britney Spears shaving her head (and also her pussy). I never bought gear when I was working in LA, it was my boss’s old camera. A legendary camera that lived through the best years of the paparazzi.

Google trend actually shows that I lived in a golden age of paparazzism (I just made up that word). It was also when Lady Gaga came up with her paparazzi song. That job not only took the joy of photography, it also took the joy of a lot of movies since I can’t deal with movies with actors that were assholes to me. But I am ready to join back in the photography world (never the paparazzi business) and cash in with my pseudo-talent.

Soon I will have a better camera, getting a tripod and an off-camera flash (an off-camera shutter would be nice as well). But here are the pictures of Sunday night at Pasaje Rodriguez, with food from Voodoo Stu’s (some of the best I had all year) and more!

Finally. A celebrity that is not really a celebrity.

Antoine Dodson.
If you don’t know who that is, watch this:

That went viral, is on the Billboard Hot 100 List and sold thousands of copies on iTunes. So he was a celebrity for a very brief period and I got to take pictures of him. It was pretty dumb and there were a lot of cameras. It also happened at around midnight, which was way too late to go to LAX to take pictures of him. I don’t think I sold any of the pictures (video sold better), but here are some of my best frames.

The pictures were taken on October 20, 2010. Antoine was way gayer than I expected. I wonder what that dude is up to now…

MAT_6221 MAT_6255 MAT_6292 MAT_6301 MAT_6322  october 21 2010MAT_6334
Until next week! Which is after Christmas!!! WHOOO THE YEAR WENT BY REALLY FAST.