I Didn’t Do Any of The Work I Said I Was Going To Do – Jocelyn Wildenstein (Cat Lady)

I didn’t do any work last week. Well… ok. I did some.

But for the most part, I WAS CELEBRATING.

My first cover on the Reader came out last week and it’s about beer. And since I love beer. I drank beer a lot.

Click on the image to read:
reader cover
This is my second cover in a magazine. My first one was Lindsay Lohan in Hawaii for Life & Style. What weird turns my life takes.

I originally wrote that back in December and got paid for it. Once I knew it was going to be a cover, I re-wrote the whole thing to make it more complete. Getting the cover is similar to the thrill of hitting the front page. It comes with the good and it comes with the bad. I like the attention, but dislike the attention. I am bipolar like that. In a way, I like criticism better than I do praise. In general, I dislike attention, but it is somehow my job, so I am required to keep acquiring it. The more attention the better.

Wow. That attention phrase made no sense.

I went to San Diego on Wednesday and I grabbed a huge stack of magazines to give to the breweries. The story for the most part has been well received. My favorite part is probably that I called Pinche Paco… Pinche Paco.

Having Tijuana on the cover was a cause for celebration. Norte offered me free beers. After all, I probably have spend 10% of my salary or more drinking there. I still love the place and their beers. It is my favorite place in Tijuana.

Thursday I kept celebrating. I blacked out and don’t remember much of what happened during the night. Almost as if I had taken a forget-me-not.

Friday I ate way too much chicken and Voodoo Stu’s. I went to Nelson’s Bar to see Gallos Blancos win 2-1 vs Pumas, couldn’t even finish my caguama, went home and passed out on the second round of Jeopardy (before 8 pm). I woke up at 8 a.m. It was time to keep celebrating.

Saturday was awesome. And probably the only work I did during the week. It was a Tijuana Adventure. For more detail, go read the blog over there. Oh yeah. That’s the other work I’ve been doing. Changing the whole Tijuana Adventure thing to make it less about tours and more adventures. Inviting other writes, changing the format, actually writing on the blog, still debating wtf to charge for tours, regretting not taking my camera. But overall… SATURDAY was awesome.

Sunday was pretty great as well and another Tijuana Adventure. I met up with my friend Justin who is moving to Tijuana soon. He is taking over a Chilean girl’s apartment while she goes visit her motherland. I hung out with the Chilean, Justin and Danger Dave drinking beers and eating amazing delicious food again by Voodoo Stu (I’m so fucking predictable).

Mah food

Danger Dave Justin and Ingrid
Speaking of being so fucking predictable, yes, when I get paid I don’t work much. But I need to get my shit together because I’m a nerd and I want to buy a Wii-U to play Smash Bros. Besides just the Wii-U, I want shit again. So I am still hoping to get a job with an actual boss to whip my ass to work. Otherwise, I’ll continue to get satisfied with a small check that is really gigantic in Tijuana (but it would be nothing in San Diego).

So.. I SHOULD REALLY GET TO WORK. Oh… and I forgot. I also did a reddit meeting for /r/Tijuana and became a mod of that sub. It went well. Meeting redditors is always cool. I should learn how to be a mod though, because I am a shitty mod so far. I’m trying to make the /r/Tijuana page grow to be compared to /r/SanDiego or /r/Mexico. A few lurkers, not that many posts.

Now the celebrity that has to do with nothing but for some reason I was thinking of her. Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka, Cat Lady.
——————————————– Jocelyn Wildenstein

The first time I saw Jocelyn was in my way early years (2007) when working with my brother. I didn’t even have a camera back then, just a videocamera, and not a good one (such a noob). So I obviously don’t have pictures of that occasion.

The second time I saw her I barely have a recollection. I just knew I saw her and that the pictures made it to Perez Hilton, other blogs and some magazines. I believe I was working alone and I know the pictures exclusive. Pictures are from April 15, 2010.

MAT_1528 MAT_1544 MAT_1556 MAT_1564 MAT_1605 MAT_1610 april 15 2010z Jocelyn Wildenstein Perez z Jocelyn Wildenstein Radar

There you have it folks. Now I’ll either get back to work or get back to drinking. What will happen?! FIND OUT NEXT WEEK!

No. Seriously. I should work. It’s May. Almost halfway through the year. I’ll be 30 in 2 weeks and I’m still a broke ass. Much better than February. But still can be way better.

Front Page Because of Tacos – Redditing All Day – Stevie Wonder

It was a good week.

I made it to the front page of Reddit on Thursday because I posted a picture of tacos. Reddit karma went from 6,000+ to almost 13,000. I received more than 250 messages and the thread has over 1,500 comments. I am not sure how I feel about my Reddit success. It was a thrill at first, then it’s over and you are left with a need to make it to the front page again, especially with OC. Which I am planning on doing, with more pictures of tacos.

Click the picture to go to the Reddit thread

The overwhelming majority of comments on the thread are people saying “so?! This taco looks exactly like the one I have in California/Texas/NYC/etc.” No it’s not. You fuckers have no idea how much different Tijuana tacos are compared to the rest of the world. But oh well. Fighting with strangers on the internet gets me nowhere. It was a good week.

I like how every Monday I post that I’m going to stop the party and get to work, and I don’t. I mean I do work a lot, but can’t stop the party. Tijuana just absorbs you. At least I am being responsible and getting my work done in time.

The plan for Tuesday was to enjoy a couple beers and take pictures of tacos for a work thing that comes out in mid-May. My roommate and I bumped into some friends in Plaza Fiesta and my mission to take pictures of tacos was null. I basically just took my camera for a walk around town and took a few pictures, just to take a few pictures.

Since Tuesday work plans went to shit, it was time to really do it on Wednesday. My roommate had the same mission of getting pictures of tacos. So we started bright and early with some tacos varios in Tupidos. Though I had no intention of drinking, my roommate never stops (and I stupidly follow). We went to Bar Aragón though it was just 1 pm. First beer of the day. We then went to eat more tacos at la Cahua del Yeyo. These tacos were weird and I could barely finish one (it was tuna fin, tasted gross).

Wednesday did not end there. It was April, 20th, so of course 420 celebration ensued. Some pretty girl that I recently met helped us in partaking in the festivities. Hungry for more tacos, we finally went to Taquería Franc, which was my mission. I took some pictures, did a bunch of research work and we ate like pigs. That’s the picture that made it to the front page. We then went back to drinking more beers and celebrating more 420 fun stuff. Here’s the album of that night:


By Thursday I was done with drinking and eating tacos, but a friend asked me out for coffee, so I went with her. I had to go eat more tacos for work, so I bought tacos for both of us and took more pictures. After that, she wanted a beer, and though I was exhausted, I complied. It was while eating tacos that my roommate and my cousin both texted me to let me know I was on the front page. Holy shit. I came back to so many messages and I read through most of them. That was my Thursday. Redditing all day.

Friday was finally rest. I interviewed Dr. Leaño, a sexologist in Tijuana for a story I’ll be working all week. Really nice guy who knows a lot about what is going on with all sex related things in Tijuana. The doctor will connect me with other sexologists so I can have a full article and I’ll have to go do more field work. I intended to do all of this last week, but I forgot I had the taco issue to take care of. I slept in on Friday. Didn’t even think about going out.

Saturday my Gallos Blancos (soccer team) played against the best team on the league right now. The odds were against me, but they paid really well, so I ended up putting $12.50 (to win $55.50). By halftime, the game was 2-0 against Gallos. The bar I was in started to get flooded, everything seemed to be going to hell.

I left the bar looking for a different place to watch the game. Right next to the bar there’s a shithole stripjoint. The guys on the outside told me to come in to see some titties. I said no thanks I just want to watch the game. Dude right away told me, I’ll put it on the TV for you. I asked for beer prices, pretty reasonable, so fuck it. I went in to “El Zorro” strip club and stared at the TV while not so hot girls offered me lap dances (no thanks, watching tv honey).

Gallos score. 2-1. Gallos scored again 2-2. OH SHIT! I started to get excited. I might win. Red card for the other team, OH MAN, it’s happening. I yelled each goal with a passion on the emptyish strip club that only had half naked ladies. If Gallos won, I was going to go all out and party a lot. Nope. Denied. They lost 3-2 and I went home disappointed.

I laid on the couch for a brief moment, and before I knew it, I was asleep at 7 pm. I woke up at 8:30pm to find out I was late to see the pretty girl I met on Wednesday. I ran out of my apartment to go meet her. Beers ensued. And more beers ensued. But she left with a friend of mine to party harder, I went back home a bit after midnight. Ate tacos. Slept.

I still had more tacos to eat to finish my article. So Sunday morning I went over to Tacos Aaron to eat yet more tacos!!! They were delicious, but I am so sick of tacos all day and all night. For lunch, I went to Mariscos Tito’s to take pictures of their ridiculously gigantic fish tacos. They aren’t very good, so I just picked them apart and ate a little. I walked by the beach, took pictures, and went to visit my parents for a while. THEN I had more tacos for dinner so I could take yet more pictures of TACOS!

Here is a full album of taco pictures that I just posted on Reddit to see if I make it big again:

It was a good week.

And now. I have all this week to work on more stuff. My cover that I’ve been waiting since December finally comes out this week. And after that I plan to change all of Tijuana Adventure into something different. So yeah, more unpaid work that might lead to paid work but I have to concentrate as well on the work that actually pays me!! GOT IT?!

SO MUCH FUCKING WORK. Better get to it. So let me tell you about the time Stevie Wonder took my picture.


Stevie Wonder

First and foremost, I am a fan of Mr. Wonder. Not an all out fan that loves all his work, but we had to play some of his songs for jazz combos while I was in college and those bass lines, so sick. So much fun to play. So fucking grooving. I saw him twice. Both the same week. One departing, the other arriving. When he was arriving they told him we were taking his picture, so he decided to fool around and take a picture of the paparazzi. It was hilarious.

This is him departing… and entering the bathroom… and then leaving! Pictures are from May 19, 2009. I had just turned 23-years-old… weird.
wonder_7905 wonder_7924 wonder_7930 wonder_7933
He greeted a random fan (Stevie is a super nice guy) and then he was on his way to France (I believe).
wonder_8009 wonder_8011 wonder_8022

The pictures of him arriving are from May 24, 2009. Someone told him we were taking pictures, he asked for a camera and started taking pictures of the photographers. Funny stuff.

steve long 1

stevie ff stevie fff stevie ffff stevie ffffff stevie flash stevie long 2 stevie long 3

It Smells Like Summer – Stopping the Party, Getting To Work – George Clooney

The Tijuana party lifestyle can easily absorb you. It’s so cheap to eat and drink that whenever I have some cash in the bank I feel entitled to not work and just party. It goes against my goals for the year, since I want to be working more and making much more money, but it’s so tough when you are your own boss and you live in Tijuana.

Great things happened this last week too, which made me want to celebrate even more. I kept drinking and eating, and sleeping early, barely working. The work I did, was unpaid. I was going to tour five Irish professional rugby players on Saturday, it sounded like a blast, it also sounded like I was going to need all my energy. So instead of doing some work, I saved my energy for the tour. They canceled last minute. With no tour, but energy saved, I continued my week of drinking and eating.

I only sent one article last week, it was about this place called Grater Grilled Cheese Bistro: 


This restaurant review still hasn’t come out, but should sometime soon.

On Wednesday, a story came out that made me really happy. It was an article I sent months ago and my first accepted feature story, it finally got published.

It’s about ghost buildings in Tijuana and the story was well received from the comments. Click here to read and share your thoughts!

That same Wednesday, the Reader photographer came down again to finish some pics that we were missing for an upcoming article. Beers and food were involved again. My roommate was also around and for some reason I became a party animal. Didn’t come back home until dawn and decided that I was above sleep. I thought I would manage Thursday as if I had slept, but at around 9 am I crashed hard and slept until almost dusk.

Thursday went mostly to waste. The only thing I manage was to go to a new park to take pictures for an article I said I would deliver by Friday. I haven’t. As soon as I am done with this blog entry, I shall work on that. And then I have much more work for the week for stories I pitched that now I have to work. I ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Friday I started working on the article, but the lack of inspiration and that Gallos Blancos was playing vs America later in the evening distracted me enough to not finish the job. I went to the new park again, to absorb the energy and try to get inspired, but not much came to me. I bet $12.50 that Gallos Blancos would win, they did, I won $45. I also met with a friend from San Diego (originally from Minneapolis) who brought his friend for the first time to Tijuana. Though I was tired of partying, we did more partying. I also ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Saturday I wanted to work, but decided to save my energy for the tour with the Irish rugby players. Like I mentioned it before, they canceled. I got somewhat depressed. I hate cancellations, especially because it ruined my plans, I wasted time and I didn’t get $150 I was expecting to earn. I turned to drinking again but at least slept early. Again, I ate at Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking.

Sunday finally came and though I wanted just to rest and that was my plan. But two friends who I haven’t seen in months visited me. It was also the hottest day of the year, so more drinking entailed. I was supposed to be at a meeting with my friends to discuss Tijuana Rumble Fest III, but I got impatient and I threw a hissy fit for the lack of organization and bailed. And you guessed it, I went to Voodoo Stu’s and started my beer drinking. Later that night I went to a punk show that made me feel old even though everyone in the crowd was older than me. Only band that was worth it was the closer, my friends of DFMK are true punk mother fucking rockers.

Now Monday. I have much work ahead. Stories I pitched that will be complicated to do and very difficult interviews to get. Though I still have plenty of cash to keep enjoying Tijuana’s cheap eat and drinks, I shall stay away from temptation. Speaking of temptation, George motherfucking Clooney.


George Clooney

Señor Clooney was one of those top three dudes I had on my list that people always asked me if I have seen. I saw him once. It was very brief and he seemed quite cool about everything (from what my memory tells me). I was probably just thinking the whole time, damn! Clooney! He is on my list of people I haven’t shot.

Clooney has a lifestyle that most men would like to imitate, and for some reason, I feel like my path is similar. Not in the way that I’ll be a famous rich handsome actor but in the way he is in the movie Up In The Air (which is great). I think that character was close to his true persona, I don’t think I’ll ever settle down. Also, I love the movie From Dusk Till Daw.

So here he is, Clooney and his funny faces at LAX. Pictures are from April 25, 2010. Basically, Clooney six years ago. Damn have I been in Tijuana for a long long time that my paparazzi years now seem ages ago.

MAT_3060 MAT_3073

MAT_3124 MAT_3108 MAT_3100

George Clooney Radar

Until next week! Where I expect to have even more good news, less partying and much much much work. April has been good to me. May is coming. It smells like summer. Summers are great.

Drinking Early, Waking Up Earlier – Bachelor Party Tour – Angelina Jolie & Cyndi Lauper

Last week was pretty much out of control. Fortunately I made some money through Tijuana Adventure (and also had a blast). I am planning a lot of changes for Tijuana Adventure and it involves more and more writing. That website receives much more traffic than my blog and I haven’t posted anything in a long time. If I do blog posts on the regular I believe it will generate a lot of traffic. Tours will be pushed to the side. I still intend to do tours, but it won’t be my main focus. In fact, it hasn’t been my focus in a long time.

I was late last week because I ended up partying with my roommate in San Diego till really late. It wasn’t work for me, but it was work for him since it turned out to be one hell of a time and he is lucky enough to get paid to actually party. So to a certain I was his gonzo aid.

On Tuesday after posting on my blog I wanted nothing but stay home and sleep, but noooooo. Friends from San Diego came down to do a photo shoot of my favorite brewery, so there was more early drinking involved. I slept early just to wake up on Wednesday at dawn. Here’s the shoot of the shoot of the shoot of food and beer: 

Wednesdays are the days I usually wait for, I thought I was getting published… But nothing. I got an email that morning that got me excited, it was a job offer from Blasting News US, though it wasn’t much of a job. It’s a crowdsourcing news website that gain success in Italy and it’s expanding to the rest of the world. I wrote for similar sites before for petty cash, this looks like more of the same unless I get over 5,000 views per article, it is not worth my time. I sent them this article which I had sitting on my desk. 

CLICK HERE and/or HERE (It’s the same link, I just need thousands of more clicks to make money, so share it around as well)!

I am around 300 views… 9,700 more to go if I want to make some cash. I will work on more clickbaity stuff for them, since they depend on clicks, but of course I am not that shit of a writer, so I will try to make them engaging. I have been looking for other sources to publish my work that is broader than the SD/TJ region.

But instead of working on sending them more stuff, I worked on a story about taxis and the mafia like system that they have. Voodoo Stu got the cover story that day, an awesome and very well written of the Tijuana soul. So after interviewing several taxistas, I had dinner with my roommate to celebrate his story. Again early drinking and waking up at dawn the next day.

Thursday I finished the taxi story and sent it in…. I still haven’t heard back. WHEN I WROTE THIS, I still haven’t heard back, but it got published a few hours after. HERE IT IS. TAXISTAS IN TURMOIL. But it doesn’t matter because that same day had an awesome Tijuana Adventure. Fancy bachelor tours are becoming my thing, but it is so much work and very draining. We started the night around 8 pm at a fancy dinner in Mision 19 (fanciest restaurant in Tijuana). Then went to my favorite brewery, followed by some mezcal shots and then to the real bachelor party (we ended at 5 am).

It was me and six gringos, they all knew each other from college or friends since before and haven’t seen each other in ages. Like always, I was just another of the guys, except touring them in Tijuana and make some little cash on the side. Again I woke up very early on Friday, I met up with the tourists and made sure they had everything they needed and all the info for their next two days in Baja without a guide. Gallos Blancos played that day against Toluca and I bet 200 pesos for them to win, they didn’t. The rest of my night was spent resting and watching House of Cards (yes, for the second time the whole series).

Bachelor Party Tour potato quality pic

With no real work on my plate for Saturday, I went to play Smash Bros in Plaza Friki with a friend. I kicked his ass (he started beating me, then I dominated). Then I went to search for new places to write a food review. I found a new one that looks promising/interesting. Also met with a friend who wants me to do some camera work for a bar he started working at.

Sunday was just a day of rest. More House of Cards and Sunday tv. I did not leave the couch all day and ordered two pizzas. Now Monday, I am on my way to a restaurant in San Diego to write a food review. I needed to get out of my apartment so the trolley is my office today. I haven’t been following celebrity news (I rarely do), but the cute girl who likes my old pictures and my writing told me Angelina Jolie is in the news lately, so here it goes.

Angelina Jolie & also Cyndi Lauper because I wanna

Turns out I have already posted about Angelina Jolie. In that same post I also talked about Nicole Richie, David Beckham and Patrick Dempsey. Click here for one of my earliest posts from 2012. Holy shit, I HAD THIS BLOG for a while now….

The first time I saw Angie was very very early on my paparazzi days in 2007. I didn’t really even knew how to shoot, I am sure I shot on P settings with a 20D and 70-200mm/4.0f (instead of the 2.8). I was supposed to do video, not shoot. They sent the whole agency (like 15 photographers) just to shoot Angelina, it was very dumb. From all the photos, they used a couple of mine that I shot from a distance. But since it was early in my career, I didn’t even have a computer, so I do not have the originals. Here are the ones that Just Jared used way back in the day.
Jolie in JJ
jeffrey-katzenberg-angelina-jolie-04  jeffrey-katzenberg-angelina-jolie-06
The second time I saw her was dumb. I was sent to her house (on N Bronson Ave with Canyon Dr). We sat outside Angie’s/Brad’s house for a week, but they made all follows impossible. The one time we were able to follow, she ended up going to a red carpet event on Hollywood for the Kung Fu Panda movie, so it was a waste of a follow and of a day since tons of photographers were already waiting (including one from our same agency). I only got pictures from really far away, but did get a few good ones of Angie. I have been digging through my hard drive and can’t find the pictures of that day.

The third time I barely even have memory of it. They snuck her out through side doors on Terminal 4 at LAX and I only saw her from a distance. Pictures are from February 2nd, 2010.

2 7 1000 (1) 2-7-10 Jolie (1)


I only saw her once, and it didn’t even look like her. It was one of my latest most popular pictures that got paid well enough. A small frame was actually in the cover of several magazines and that’s because well… Lauper didn’t really look like herself. I believe that’s the same day I broke my record of most celebrity shots at LAX (more than 28). I wasn’t even interested in Lauper, but a friend of mine told me that she looked horrible and that I must take pictures of her. Jon Hamm and Katrina Bowden were going through LAX at the same time, so I only managed to take a few pics of Cyndi. Those fe pics were worth more than all that I shot that day. Pics are from January 31st, 2011, a few months before I quit the paparazzi gig.

MAT_9872 MAT_9882
Those two pics resulted in a media frenzy…

Cindy Lauper Perez Cindy Lauper E!Cindy Lauper Radar


Casino Money = Fun Weekend – Jamie Chung

Work more work and more work is still my plan. I started to get sick again last Tuesday, I am still somewhat sick today. So it’s been a week of congested nose and coughing mucus. It doesn’t affect me much, I feel great and I went out partying on the weekend, woke up each time feeling alright.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I spent working in my room. Thursday was probably the day I felt the shittiest that I did little work and still stayed home.

On Wednesday, a friend from LA visited and though I was sick, I took her out for a bit. Thus I felt the shittiest on Thursday.

Friday my plans got spoiled more than thrice…. But it turned out to be an amazing night.

My friend Justin was supposed to pick me up early afternoon to go to the inauguration of Toros baseball team. He never picked me up (later he told me he had issues crossing the border). I was also supposed to go to the office for a mini-party and to pick up my check (I am on my way to pick up my check as I write this in the trolley in San Diego). And Gallos Blancos, the only soccer team I truly care about, came to Tijuana to play vs Xolos. I wanted to go to the stadium, but that also fell apart.

Instead I put a bet od $12.50 on Gallos to win. The odds of the bet paid x 3.9. The game was amazeballs. Xolos started dominating hard and scoring 2 goals before the first fifteen minutes. All was lost for me. I had spent money in betting and on beer so I thought I was going to have a boring ass cashless weekend.

I got extra lucky. Gallos Blancos somehow managed to score 4 goals, winning 2-4 and winning me some cash. I got paid $59 and change. It’s amazing how $60 buys me a fun filled weekend in Tijuana drinking premium craft beer and food to eat like a king.

That’s what I did on Saturday and Sunday. With not much going on, without the desire to work and a tad bored, all I did was day drink craft beer and eat all day and night (the consequence was me sleeping before midnight and waking up early in the morning). It was a weekend of gluttony sponsored with casino money.


Jamie Chung

On my sick Thursday I basically just watched a bunch of Netflix all day. I watched The Hangover Two, which was obviously stupid silly. I never saw Galifianakis in person (that I remember), but I remember seeing the rest of the cast (especially Ken Jeong, who was awesome). Jamie Chung I don’t remember shooting her, what I remember the most is the day I went to visit my brother in LA with my cousins from Guadalajara. I had already quit the job, I was just visiting LA.

We parked in some corner near Melrose, close to a part I forgot the name of but it is a known spot to see celebrities. My brother went into some shitty store of some sort. When he came out, Jamie Chung was walking by the sidewalk nearby. I had two basset-hound puppies that my other brother gave to me to take care off. Jamie Chung saw the puppies and immediately fell in love. She cuddled with the puppies, chatted with us and let my brother take as many pictures as he wanted and then we got jumped by another photographer. Jumping in this case is not assault, is just interrupting an exclusive shoot, heavily dropping the price of the pictures.

Anyway, here is a picture of me with Jamie Chung and a puppy (the other puppy was sleeping in the car). Picture is from sometime in January of 2012… 

I looked through my hard drive and did  not find any pictures of Jamie Chung. So I guess she was someone I never saw until this one time above. There are more pics, but I do not have them or own them.

Also, I’m a day late. Like I said. I wrote all of the above while riding the trolley. Then I met my roommate in a shitty Mexican bar in San Diego and … well.. the night escalated heavily from there and I didn’t make it back home until like 3 am. Tuesday now and I have a lot of work to do.

April Looks Promising – Work & Money – Brad Pitt

I feel like a senior in college the night before he has to turn in his last thesis. Except this time I’m not turning in 50+ pages of random liberal crap like I used to spout for my Resolution of Conflicts minor… I wished I saved my senior theses, I bet they were horrendous. I wrote two different 50 page, one 30 page and one shared 50 page with a team of four, fuck working in teams (it was about saving the whales).

April looks promising. There is a lot of good stuff that will be happening (I hope and I am sorta nervous for all of it). I haven’t seen this much work laying on my desktop in a while. It’s a bit of a clusterfuck, but I’m getting it done one by one. It will be a very busy month. I have a lot of ideas for larger articles and I plan to do major changes to Tijuana Adventure.

March was difficult, but March is also almost over. I spent most of it being broke and stressed while working and looking for a job. It wasn’t until this last Tuesday that I finally got a decent paycheck. I paid a little debt that I had, enjoyed myself, and did some work. Unfortunately, the work I did was rejected and the other research I was doing prove to be more difficult than I first though (and I have more difficult research to do this week).

I tried working on Tuesday, but on my way to San Diego all I could think of was that I finally had some money. And once I deposited my check to the bank and had some cash, all I could think of is that I could finally eat out and enjoy myself. So on my way back to Tijuana I grabbed this beauty:
in n out

On Wednesday, I spent my morning doing some fruitless research and decided to go out. Found out that the awesome artist Teak (who happens to be my neighbor) painted me in his mural. His mural is about immigrants in Tijuana, Teak himself being one (and of course, myself). The mural is in Pasaje Rodriguez and it will feature video interviews of the characters painted. Later that day I witnessed Dinner in The Sky on Revolución and took a lot of pictures.

Thursday I worked on more fruitless research, that I ended up deciding switching my focus to the events from Wednesday, the Dinner in The Sky shit. Also started collecting info and pictures for a food review of a vegan place.

Friday I sent what I had work on so far on the week, sadly, this was my aforementioned rejected article. That afternoon I got more vegan food and went to Plaza Fiesta to get an interview for a re-write (more of this in upcoming weeks). I got day drunk thanks to a Quadruple Belgian beer (and others) but got great material and pictures for more work.

Saturday the same, more work. I’m glad there wasn’t soccer matches on the Mexican league this weekend, otherwise I would have done nothing but watch soccer. I went to a different nerdy/awesome restaurant to again, collect pictures and information for yet more work! I think this is the post that I have typed the word “work” the most. Then I did more nerdy stuff by going to the Plaza Friki to play Street Fighter V with my friend Ohh Wow (I kicked his ass). Got more interview material and pictures at night for more and more work I’ll be doing this week…

And guess what I did on Sunday?! I worked! I transcribed, wrote, edited, restructured and organized more WORK! Now I wished all this worked paid, but I guess that is where I’m barely getting at. Working and suffering to build a career (that hopefully is nothing like House of Cards). Tired from all the work, I napped on the early afternoon and woke up near midnight. Realizing it was Monday already and knowing that I have a lot of work to do on the week, I wrote the Monday blog post before dawn just to get it out of the way.


Brad Pitt

On my years chasing celebrities, I had a top three celebrities that people always asked for that I almost never saw. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp. I never saw Depp, but I did catch Pitt and Clooney for a very brief moment each. Seriously, all I got were like 10 seconds. These people are busy. So I shouldn’t be complaining about how busy I am. I still have time to go to a nerdy plaza to play videogames…

I saw Pitt on February 5, 2011, that same day I also saw… Paris Hilton. And yes, if you are wondering, I did see Angelina Jolie (stories later).

Pitt arrived on Terminal 2, so I’m guessing he was coming from Air France. There were dozens of paparazzi waiting, but he snuck by some “not so secret” doors and only a few caught him (I had a great position). Anyway, here are the pics of the only time I saw Pitt.

feb 5 2011feb

DSC_4412 DSC_4414

And now that I am done with my blog… I can go to bed (it’s 2:57 now) so I can wake up and do more work. I’m kinda hungry, but I’m sure that eating at this hour is not a good idea. Napping for four hours during the afternoon is also not a good idea, but I guess this is the life of a freelance.

From Hopeless to Hopeful – Still Broke – Will Arnett

I’m an emo drama queen and I’m sorry.

Last week I did something I felt like doing before, but always held off. I posted in my blog in another day that wasn’t Monday. Most the time I want to post in the middle of the week is just because I had a thought that was longer than 140 characters, or sometimes about a celebrity that I saw but I really don’t have much to say, except… LOOK I saw them.

But this last post was different. I was utterly destroyed. I have given all hope to my writing career. I was ready to get a real job and slave myself away. And it’s true. I have big plans for this year, it started great, but it quickly went downhill in February. And when I was trying to recover, I got worse. Sometimes when I am at my lowest, I get truly inspired. 

It was a few hours after that Wednesday post, I decided that while looking for another job, I had to finish some articles for simple survival. When the editor messaged me that he will be buying a long ass article I wrote that took me more than a week’s effort. After feeling so hopeless, broke and destroyed, this bit of great news lifted my spirits to where they haven’t been in a while. I went from hopeless to hopeful. That same Wednesday I finished an article about a seafood stand near my apartment. Great story, hopefully it comes out soon.

The one that did come out was about goat birria being way better than beef birria.

I’m still broke. The finance office forgot to pay me. But I’ve been so frugal lately that I still have some cash to survive, though it would be nice to have the cash. I feel way better even without money. I wasn’t so depressed because I had no cash, it was more because my work was getting rejected. I didn’t feel productive despite working hard. The good news revived me and then I got more good news when they informed me they will be running a cover story I wrote and got paid in December.

So after my heavy decline in spirits and feeling extremely agoraphobic, a bit of good news changed it all and now I am ready to work! I have a bunch of this week and a bunch more for the rest of the year. I just have to keep going. I love writing for the Reader and I am enjoying the freelance life, I just wish it was more steady and not such a rollercoaster of finances and emotions.

Thursday I worked on a story with another writer, though the story might be killed. I spent the whole day with another writer going through clubs and investigating the story. He taught me a bunch of the do’s and dont’s in the writing world. Similar to when I was riding around with the best photographers in Los Angeles. Mentors are awesome.

Friday I had a tour with great people from Colorado. It was a couple, so I invited a friend with and it was a double date through the city of Tijuana having fun, eating great, drinking tons and sharing stories. I have to restructure the whole Tijuana Adventure website to make it more personal. Like I always say, I’m not a tour guide, I do it for fun and I just happen to know the city and the people better than most. I thoroughly enjoy touring people, but always feel guilty about charging, so I’m going to start doing it on donation basis. Or I’m not really sure what to do with it. I don’t get as many tours as everyone imagines….

Saturday was Voodoo Stu’s 1 year anniversary in Tijuana. Stu and his gal (Mael) organized a feast at a junkyard where they smoked a hog and invited tons of bands. It was the best party I attended in Tijuana so far this year… and I also took more than 400 pictures. I reduced that to a gallery of 104 pictures. Almost all pictures by me, with some included by Zophie Felina and a couple by Ale Uzarraga.

On Sunday I spent most of my day editing, then the rest resting. REST RESTING. Here’s the massive album of Saturday’s party:

Now Monday, and instead of posting near midnight, I’m getting rid of this responsibility at noon, because like I said, I have tons of work. And I am glad to say everything is MARCHing on the right path. More work, more money, to get more work, so I can get more money.


Will Arnett

I never really liked Will Arnett or Amy Poehler (now they are separated, I saw them together). I find Amy super annoying and not funny, while Arnett can be funny, but also was very annoying. Sure, he was awesome as GOB on Arrested Development, but that wasn’t enough for me to consider him a good actor, I actually just thought of him as annoying (which is what he was going for, so I get it). Then BoJack Horseman got on Netflix and I wasn’t impressed. I liked it, because I like dumb adult cartoons, but it wasn’t very memorable. Again it seemed like a classic Will Arnett character.

Flaked just came out on Netflix last week and again it seemed like a classic douchey Will Arnett character. It starts like that, but I was wrong. This show is amazing. But to be honest, I don’t think anyone that hasn’t lived or been in Venice would think it’s that amazing. There are so many inside Venice jokes…

So it hit me hard on the memories. Every time that I talk about LA and how much I hate it, I always say everything but Venice, or more like, I hate everything east of the 405 and north of the 10. That was my little corner in Los Angeles and it was great, though I technically lived in Marina del Rey (and they make fun of someone in the show for living in Mar Vista).

Venice, however, is expensive as fuck. And they make sure to mention it on the show. The only reason the main character is in there is because of some arrangement with his ex-wife who became a Hollywood star (Heather Graham who is great and she was really nice when I saw her).

So watch Flaked! Even if you didn’t live in Venice, it’s a pretty good show, though Rotten Tomatoes ranked it low and called it dull/pointless (it’s just so much better if you know Venice). First episode makes you believe that GOB moved to Venice, but after a while, you’ll get to know the characters better and it gets pretty damn intriguing. It also leaves you hanging at the end of the Season, so they better show me more soon!

Anyway, here is Will Arnett. Because I didn’t really like him before, I have little memory of this pictures. First set is with Amy Poehler from December 4, 2009, which means that the baby in the picture is Archibald. Second set is from August 2, 2010 and is Will solo, which you can see he was much more relaxed.

decdec 4

And of course, the baby pic between Will’s legs… (I have more of baby in the car, but I don’t want to feed the baby nonsense).
dec 4 09
Then this small series of Will departing and talking to some dude.
augh augut 2 2010aughs aughsss
Until next week! I believe I will be delivering more and more good news. Also, this has nothing to do with anything of what I have been saying…. but my hair is getting FUCKING LONG.