Something Like Purgatory – Antonio Banderas and Julia Roberts

Too much happens in one week.

Sometimes I think about posting in the middle of the week because so much happened in two days that I know I am going to forget about it. But then I remember I have to hook-up the hard drive and edit pics, and I get lazy. So lazy that I am posting three days late.

I was in San Diego most of the weekend until Monday afternoon. My band, Donkichow, played the first show outside Tijuana at the Kensington Club. Here’s some videos:

Peppa Pig Teaches Us About Knife Safety:

French Maid Cleaning My House on Meth (Bonaficio Yaris Soncuatro):

Donkichow will be playing again Friday, August 28th in Tijuana and possible on September 3rd in San Diego.

The band stayed in a tiny studio apartment in gay San Diego, Hillcrest, with two dogs that we nicknamed Julia Roberts and Antonio Banderas (real names Zeta and Zorro).

I stayed an extra night on Sunday (it was horrible) because I needed to pick up my check from the Reader’s offices on Monday morning. They paid me for a story that hasn’t been publish, but will be a feature.

11809885_125123624501322_1355208134_n 11910465_442706765924337_1413981340_n

I sent the story in two weeks ago and never heard back. I assumed it got rejected and that was the end of it. Suddenly on Thursday morning, as I was working, I got an email telling me about my payment.

I jumped up like crazy and started running around like I just won the lottery. I made a fatty paycheck with what I thought was lost. It was like finding a $20 on your pocket, except times thirty. And since then, I’ve been in purgatory. Waiting for the story to get published, not working on anything else, not even wanting to work on my blog.

Sorry this entry is a bit uninspired, that’s how I feel. Neither down on the dumps, nor up high. Just purgatory. Summer intense heat purgatory.


I never saw Julia Roberts. Everyone always says she’s a major bitch and I believe them. Unlike Antonio Banderas… WHO IS FUCKING AWESOME and a really nice guy. Spoke to him several times, mostly in Spanish. He was a really likable guy, down to earth and didn’t seem to mind the attention. Unlike some other Spaniard asshole (Javier Bardem).

The first time I saw Antonio was on May 22nd, 2009. I actually have little memory of this day and just remember that I had no idea who Melanie Griffith was, or that Banderas was married. Anyway, they arrived together from who knows where, but they were cool.

Then I saw him again on November 29th, 2009. Again, not many memories of this day. It seemed to be late and he was arriving with his whole family. All I remember from this picture is that it sold to Hola! the magazine, the Spanish and Mexican version (I remember reading it on my sales report, more about that someday).
11 29 09 banders

The next few times I saw him were solo. This one time on January 14th, 2010, he arrived sporting a beard. I remember he was super cool with everyone, there were a lot of graphers waiting for him and he signed a lot of posters.
1 14 10 banderas signs

I guess I saw him a couple months later on March 2nd, 2010. Again sporting a beard and late at night. Do not remember this shoot.
3 2 10 banders beard

And finally, on May 13th, 2010. Beard gone, sporting a hat and judging from the pictures, he did not want to be seen. Still, the frames reveal that he stopped and gave a cigarette to a woman that asked as he was leaving the elevator.
5 13 10 banderz cig

Speaking of beards. I shaved.
Until next time. Which should be in a few days, because I am posting way too late and I still want to post every Monday. Maybe I’ll start posting more often. I seriously have a hard drive filled with celebrities I saw in LAX and other places. There is easily over 500 different celebrities… maybe even a 1,000. It used to shoot 7-10 celebrities a day on average, more than 200 pictures per day… Sometimes I miss work.

I suck at the waiting game – Haylie Duff – Scarlett Johansson – Jennifer Connelly

I suck at the waiting game and that is where I am right now with several things in my life.

This last week was busy but not productive. I did not do much on the only thing that pays me, writing news stories. Instead I made an event on Tuesday for a band in Chicago at Mamut Brewery. Since it was a Tuesday, I didn’t go all out in the effort to do the show, but I did book several bands and played guitar myself. It turned out very awesome for a Tuesday night.

I started with classical guitar, my roommate and his ether-folk project “GravyyRiver” followed, then the 1MFS (one-man-freak-show), the guest band from Chicago, Zigtebra, brought down the house and  it ended with Sake Padrino, local jazz rockers. I have had Zigtebra’s single in my head since then and I am not the type that listens to a lot of pop. The pair of half-brother and sister remind me of She&Him, except fresher. They are on tour right now, check them out, here’s their single:

The show was followed by a party that didn’t really end until Wednesday. I did nothing that day but tried to sleep.

Thursday and Friday I actually did work on writing… work that might turn out to be a waste. I also went to the dentist on Friday, where I was a very impatient patient, I fucking hate waiting and the dentist (though she is a fucking babe). I sent in the article on Saturday and since then every email I get fakes me out thinking it might be the email of acceptance or rejection, but nah, mostly spam. Actually, almost every time I hear an email ring on my iPad, I think its work related, it almost never is.

On Saturday I also played a show, not solo, but with my mathrock band Donkichow. The show was at a venue called 1250, we opened for bands Heroin,  The Soaks and Sociedad Secreta del Vació. We received a bunch of positive feedback, so we are sounding better. Donkichow has a show in San Diego at the Kensington Club on August 22nd, with Pruitt Igoe, Fistfights With Wolves and Badabing.

Donkichow midshow - Picture by Karenyna

Donkichow midshow – Picture by Karenyna

Sunday was family time.

Monday, I did not post on my blog again, missing my own deadline. Monday disappeared. Monday was just waiting and nothing. It wasn’t until this Tuesday morning that I receive a work email and it like reactivated me. The article is probably going to get rejected. I don’t have anything to send, but much work to do. I have no TJ adventures set up and I am broke as fuck. It seems bad, but now I am forced to work, save money, not drink and be productive.

I suck at waiting.
I think that is why I decided to work at LAX instead of stalking celebrities from their home. I did that a lot as well, but it got me impatient that I would move from house to house. Sitting in your car waiting for someone to come out and then follow is annoying as fuck.

I have many memories of following celebrities down the streets of Los Angeles. I chased Jennifer Aniston from her Hollywood home all the way to Malibu with around 15 cars following as well, just for no one to get pictures. I didn’t do many chases with a lot of paps on my tail, but it did happen. That was probably the shittiest job ever and it fucking sucks to wait and at the end getting nothing. LAX tended to be a safer bet, and I should start working on safe bets instead of trying to go big.

Instead of waiting in just one person’s house, I would drive from celeb house to celeb house. Especially in the Burbank area, where many of the Disney celebrities lived almost next to each other. So I present to you, the shitty celebrity of the week: Haylie Duff.
Haylie Duff Jan 14 2009

This picture was taken on January 14, 2009 and it surprisingly sold to US Magazine, you know… “they are just like us!” Haylie used to live almost next to Ashley Tisdale, who in turn lived closed to Hilary Duff and around the corner Jennifer Love Hewitt (and so on and on). So I was simply driving around the block when I spotted her bringing her garbage cans in, just parked in the middle of the street and took pictures. Apparently some other Brazilian was nearby and got mad that I blocked him.

I am open for recommendations of posting celebrities that I have on my hard drive, this week’s recommendation comes from The Lesbian Vegan (I am just going to call her that, it would make an awesome blog). She suggested Scarlett Johansson, and many others have asked me about her before. Scarlett is not a fan of the paps, so she is very difficult to take pictures off. I only saw her one time and was as sneaky as I could until she saw me. These pictures are from March 22nd, 2009.

I also asked my roommate who would be good to post and he said Jennifer Connelly. Another celebrity that is not a fan of the paps… So in this occasion, I hid in the parking lot with my long lens to avoid any confrontation. Jennifer and her husband, Paul Bettany, arrived together on September 20, 2010 and I believe they spotted me right away….
Jen Con paul September 20 2010 Jen Con paaa Sept 20 2010
If you have any celebrity requests, just let me know and I’ll dig up my hard drive, edit pictures and tell stories of my experiences with them.

Until next week and I am positive that I will be talking about getting published because I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO NOW! Oh yeah.. and about Donkichow’s first show in San Diego.

Writers and Alcoholism – Danny DeVito

It seems like alcohol and writers go hand in hand. I learned from the best, my roommate, Mr. Chad Deal. His capacity to drink and still write wonderfully is an inspiration to all of those wanna be alcoholics…

And of course the list of writers who drink and do drugs is extensive. To be honest, I didn’t even know who Hunter S. Thompson was until a couple years back. At the same time, I never really thought that I wanted to dedicate my life to gonzo writing (and the mix of all the other things I do). Speaking of which, I am playing a gig that I organized at Mamut Brewery with a band from Chicago named Zigtebra, San Diego new band under the name Gravyyard (for now), a local TJ guy that does some amazing loop work 1MFS (1 man freak show) and Ensenada/TJ jazzy band Sake Padrino. I will be playing classical guitar, here is a video I recorded when I first moved to TJ. I will be playing similar things to the video:

Going back to writers and alcoholism…. I realized my life is pretty much like it was my senior year in college. Minimal responsibilities except do tons of research and deliver papers on the deadline, except I don’t have a deadline but the ones I set myself. I wish I had a real deadline. Thus, I spent most of my week drunk, pretending to work, but not doing much. On Tuesday I did an interview for a story I am working on, and I promised myself I wouldn’t drink since it was early, but the person I was interviewing ordered a beer and I couldn’t help myself. The interview went great, I have all the material, but the alcohol beat me.

On Wednesday, another story came out and I got really inspired by it, this one somehow I managed to write it all while drinking. I got published twice on Thursday, the story about Panca’s/Half-Asleep’s mural getting defaced and an article I sent weeks ago about greasy Indie Burgers that I love at Colectivo 9.

Feeling accomplished for getting published, I started my weekend early, bought a bottle of Makers Mark, had Irish coffee for breakfast and kept day drinking until night came, took a power nap and went at it again. What happened, I am not sure, the weekend was a blur. A fun, awesome blur. I met people, I met girls, I had a blast, but can’t help that feeling that I did nothing productive. And this means more work has piled up. Inspired or not, I need to work and will work this whole week like I did two weeks ago. I conclude that drinking and work is not for me. Coffee… Coffee does make me work.

Which brings me to celebrities that I saw that were obviously drunk. Gary and Jake Busey coming off an airplane were definitely fun to talk too, they were rowdy, drunk and fun. But by far, photographing Danny DeVito and smelling the alcohol from 10-feet away will always be in my memory. Especially because I am 6’4 and he is not taller than 5’0. Danny is a really nice person, or at least he was when he was drunk going through the airport. I am sure if I become successful to be able to day drink and get away with it, I will go down that path, but for now, I’ll stay sober until after Jeopardy (8:00 pm).

I saw Danny more than a couple of times, but I only have two sets on my hard drive. One of him departing on March 15, 2009.

The other set I have of him is him arriving with his wife, Rhea Perlman, on March 28, 2010. Danny took the limelight as Rhea disappeared, but both were really nice to everyone.
march 28 10 march 28 10 2 march 28 10 3

Until next week and I say more shenanigans on my own blog.

A thin line between work and hobby – Tijuana Adventure – Chevy Chase

I hate work, most people hate work and I am like most people. However, I am by far on the side of people that enjoy their work, except you know actors and rockstars, I still simply prefer doing nothing. When I lived with my uncle for my senior year in High School, he told me I had potential, but I had to promise him not to be lazy. I couldn’t keep that promise. I am a lazy guy. I am so lazy, that somehow I figured out how to make a living being lazy. It’s not a good living, but you know, I get by.

The last post was about how I am lazy, I have work piled up and still do nothing. This last week I only send one article in and barely worked on the others (and now I have so much work this week!). At least my lazy week of barely doing any writing job got saved by a TijuanaAdventure, my other awesome job.

I was never planning on being a tour guide, it just sort of happened, just like the rest of my jobs. Never thought I would work as a lazy security guard in the art gallery, or the multipurpose dude at the kitchen, to end up at the music department office as an errand boy. Those were all my college jobs, so they do not really count. Before graduation I was already a paparazzo… After that, what I do now, writer and tour guide (+ some random other jobs). Hopefully someday soon I can add my other passions, music and photography (and others…)

Speaking about being a tour guide, I had another wonderful day of touring around Tijuna and showing a couple from San Diego/Australia around. Whenever I do a tour, I always have a worry about what if my clients aren’t cool or weird or something, I am always so wrong. It always turns out to be really interesting people that I would love to hang out with any given day…. PLUS I get paid!?!?! To be honest, I always hate that part, charging people to have fun with you seems really unfair, but most people are usually so appreciative that they feel like I actually don’t even charge enough….

Our adventure started early, ended late, and got interesting right from the beginning. At 10:30 a.m. I was already at the meeting spot, and they were already there. During the brief introduction Wendy’s accent gave her away as an Aussie, her husband is from North County San Diego. First place we stopped by was to a new mural by Panca and Half-asleep. The neighbor of the mural, an angry old lady, started yelling at us about how the mural was horrible and she wanted it remove (I probably will write an article about this).


 After that interesting encounter, we walked to Caesar’s Hotel to check-in and after that to La Cevicheria Naiz for breakfast and beers. That place never disappoints.
caesar ceviche guerito VIP
From there, we Ubered to Playas de Tijuana (aka Playami). As we arrived, we saw a commotion on the border wall. Apparently someone tried to cross the border by swimming across, more Tj adventure madness!!! We strolled on the boardwalk and then had beers at a beachfront restaurant. Playas is still lacking quality food/bars, except a pizza place, but no tourist wants to eat pizza in Tijuana…
playa  playass
Ubered back to Plaza Fiesta, aka Plaza Brewery for more beers. This place is amazing and I will certainly be writing about it for the Reader soon (if they accept my pitch…). We drank at Fauna, El Tigre and finally at Madueño, a place getting ready for their grand opening, so we were literally their second customers in there (and they had great beer).

fauna madueño

We ubered to Telefonica, a food garden with a variety of food choices and of course, more beer. After eating like kings, a walk was in hand to relax a bit, so we trotted back to downtown.
More beers are Mamut, which by now is a classic Tj brew stop. Then some more beers at BajaBrewLabs, a hidden brewery with a ping pong table. We strolled Zona Norte (the red-light district) just to check it out (didn’t stop at any bar) and headed down to sexta, the main party street.
mamut ping pingpong bajabrewm
And like always, Tijuana on a Saturday was going heavy with parties everywhere. We went to La Mezcalera for a whole series of mezcal shots, then went through their backdoors to unveil the new bars. This place also never disappoints, and is always a good way to either start or end the night. We chose the latter. Twelve hours of partying in Tijuana and not only they were tired, I was already to crash. We ate street tacos at Las Amigas, which is also always a hit and walked back to the hotel…. I thought of continuing the party, but I decided to simply walk home.
mezaca mezca pink mezca amigass
Wendy and Wayne were really awesome that they did me the favor to email me all the pics of the adventure and you can also check them out in their travel blog here:

To see all pictures or book a tour with me in Tijuana, click here.

And finally…. Chevy Chase. Who has nothing to do with whatever I’ve been saying except that I am lazy. I feel like no one has it better to do nothing and be lazy like famous people from the 80s. I saw Chevy Chase a few occasions, and he was always a bit weird. I didn’t choose this week’s celebrity. I was leaning more towards choosing girls that were incredibly beautiful in person, like Victoria’s Secret models, but I have a lot of pictures of that and I got lazy, so instead I asked a random. The random, who happens to be Dan Brozo, said a celebrity I had no idea who he was,  then his second choice, Chevy Chase.

Watching 80s movies on Netflix is one of the best ways I procrastinate, so I have been seeing Mr. Chase in movies lately. In person, he was always cool. The only set I remember it was weird and goofy was when he pretended he was pissing on a garbage can for no reason, however, I didn’t find these pictures. I found these two sets that I really have any special memories about.. I mean, I was shooting like 10+ celebrities a day…These pictures were taken on October 5th, 2009. TSA scanner checked Chevy Chase as if he was the next threat to national security. Seriously… I watched TSA for 3+ years everyday. Such a waste of tax dollars.


The other set I have of him is from November 28th, 2009 and there is only one good pic! I am sure I saw him more times but like I said before, sometimes I would not bother to save all the pictures in my computer and I would just send my memory card straight to the office…
november 28 09
Again, I was one day with the blog post… sorry about that me! I have a lot of work ahead of me this week so I better get at it!

I don’t feel like working – I used to be the LAX King – Rihanna

I have work piled up.

I have so much writing to do.

And I just don’t feel like doing it.

I need to do it all soon, or else I’ll starve to death, yet inspiration doesn’t even come to me to write a shitty blog post. I have a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings about every thing that I am doing. I get depressed if I don’t get published, I get depressed if I get published, I don’t really get myself. Got published twice in a row on the Reader, one story about the Ladies and Gentlemen of Ensenada humiliating a homeless man and the other about awesome hot dogs in downtown Tijuana, Humo!
I am still not used to being a published writer, though I am going on two years with the Reader and more as a general writer. I still feel weird about it, that I decided to spend the whole weekend in my apartment drinking craft beer since wake up time and avoid all responsibilities and thoughts in the matter. Again I didn’t post on my blog on a Monday like I said I would.

At the time I started writing this, I still haven’t decided what celebrity to post about. I want to keep going with all my crushes and obviously the girls from Victoria Secret are an easy choice. I already posted about Miranda Kerr, who besides being a stunning beauty, is also a very awesome person to photograph. I want to post about Alessandra Ambrosio, who is probably one of the prettiest people I have ever seen in person, but I have so many pictures of her, and I already said it plenty on this post, I have no desire to work!

Instead, I’ll talk about Ri-Ri. I have never heard a song by Rihanna, at least not consciously. I know that at malls, or the radio, or at shit clubs I have heard her songs at some point in my life, but I couldn’t name you a song by her. Before she became the most sought after person to take a picture off because of Chris Brown’s beating, I saw her once and she pulled some silly stunt move. After the beat up, she disappeared from all public view, until one of my partners at the agency got a picture of her vacationing in Mexico. He worked insanely hard for that picture, ultra spy-like sneakiness hiding in bushes for hours with a huge lens for the tiny window of 10 seconds to get a pic. The money was probably worth it.

After that, Ri-Ri was still really hard to photograph, but I got a picture of her smiling at the camera sipping coconut juice that made it to a lot of places. Anyway, time to dig up my hard drive and look at the pics of Ri-Ri who I never really found attractive…

Great… I chose Ri-Ri because I have memories of two really interesting sets. But now that I went through my hard drive and chose the best pictures of her, I realized I saw her way more than I thought.

The first time I ever saw her was early on my pap life, like after 5 months of doing the job on October 5, 2009. I thought it was hilarious, because she paid $100 to each of the bag handlers from the outside to carry these huge white cardboard things to block the “paparazzo” that was waiting for her. The paparazzo was my partner and the guys that got paid $100 each were our friends… As you can see from the pictures, it was fruitless. The guy I was working with distracted the guys that were supposed to be blocking (and still got pictures) while I basically just sat at departures and waited for her come to me (where the bag handlers couldn’t really be up anymore and where you simply can’t just block the view because you feel like it).  The TSA dude gave me a perfect behind the shoulder.

After that, my hard drive indicated me that I saw her again on April 12, 2009. It was a horrible shoot. I was the full time LAX photographer for my agency at the time, but the pics were after the beating (and after the ones that the other guy got in Mexico). They sent more than 8 photographers for the job + me as the LAX expert. I remember I was working on another set in a different terminal (I believe terminal 4) and had to run all the way to terminal 1 to help out with the shoot. They didn’t even use my pictures and Ri-Ri just seemed pissed that there were so many photographers waiting for her. The agency tried to sell the pics extremely expensive that they ended up not selling well at all.

I saw her on December 21, 2009 after I switched agencies, but I also have little memory of this shoot. I was probably surrounded by other photographers.
december 21 2009
The next shoot that happen on January 3rd, 2010, I remember perfectly. My new agency wanted me to be at LAX at 9:00 am everyday regardless if I had a list or not. I lived all the way in West Hollywood and to be honest, I got lazy and wouldn’t show up until I had my list. This particular morning, my boss called me and yelled at me hastily asking me where I was at. He yelled at me for not being at LAX when I was supposed to and told me to get there as fast as I can because there was a very important departure and stuttered with the name. I WAS BARELY waking up. I barely washed my face, grabbed my cameras, jumped in my car and drove to LAX as fast as possible and probably broke a record, making it in less than 20 minutes through Los Angeles traffic.

I parked at terminal 7, jumped out of my car and started running towards first class. Before getting to first class, a friend of mine who worked at the airport told me to not go to first class, that Rihanna was supposed to come through any minute. I turned around and a limousine was pulling up to the curb. MONEY SHOT! Rihanna comes out and she is acting awesome towards me (the only photographer in the scene). I got great pictures that she even gave me a flirtatious smile. After I was done with the shoot my boss called me to yell at me for not being at LAX when I told him I just got Rihanna (realizing that’s what the original tip he was trying to tell me).

He was dumbfounded that I made it on time and that I got great pictures. Later on he yelled at me for not realizing that Matt Kemp was in the pictures with her (like I fucking know who that dude is!) Turns out it was her new boyfriend and a baseball player for the Dodgers. The coconut water brand that she was drinking also made it big after that picture, celebrities and people started drinking that shit like if it was water from the fountain of youth. This was my best moment with Ri-Ri.

jan 3 2010 2  jan 3 2010

Check out at that cute smile looking directly at me. This was angle was also a trick on terminal 7 that only myself and my best friend knew about, we were the fucking LAX kings.

These other shoot was on March 6th, 2010. She was coming from London and when that happens everyone fucking knows what flight a celebrity is going to be on (someone sees her at London and tweets about it, after that the information is not that hard to find). They did this trick where instead going the usual way, they took an immediate right, fucking over tons of the paparazzi that were present. Knowing the airport so well, I knew what to do and instead of going on with the gangbang of photographers flashing the shit out of her, I took my distance and got the long lens. Openings were very few, but they happened and I got great pics.
  Every person in that frame is a photographer gangbanging on Ri-Ri except that douchebag bodyguard that kept ruining pictures instead of just doing his job. I saw her again on June 20th, 2010 but do not have any memories of this shoot. I believe I was alone and nothing exciting happened.

The last time I saw her that I have registered was at night on November 17th, 2010. Also no memory of shooting this set, I believe there were a few other photographers there. I know my settings were messed up since most of the pics turned out blurry.

And now that I am done writing about my fun past, I have to look at the future! This blog really is an exercise just to get me writing for the week, now I am not feeling that lazy like I did when I started writing this, but I’m getting ideas of what to do next (a lot of fucking work). But I can’t complain about my job, it’s something that I am enjoying, just like I was enjoying being a creepy photographer back in the day. Here are some blog pictures that I screen-capped, because back in the day, I did not only buy the magazines, but also collected some of my own pics I saw online (and read the comments).

Rihanna JJ Rihanna JJ 2 z jj 4-18-09 Rihanna JJ z gg 4-18-09 Rihanna GG Rihanna Radar Rihanna People Rihanna E!

As a paparazzo, I could have deleted all my past like many of my friends have and never mention any of this again. As a writer, my shit is so easily found in google and some of my past work is so embarrassing that it scares the shit out of me. But on forward! To continue with this fucking weird journey of life.

Until next Monday/Tuesday to whoever reads me besides my mom (Love you mom!)

Success Makes Me Lazy. Classy Lady Crush = Julianne Moore

Following the previous week’s success, this last week I even had more success and not only in freelance writing.

I didn’t get printed four times in a row, but I rescued an article from dying and it got published in local source the SanDiegoRed and got one more print with my usual magazine, the San Diego Reader. When I first started as a writer for Soccerly, what matter the most was how many views/likes/shares the article would get. I remember getting excited when my first article broke 10,000 views (the first writer in the website to accomplish the task). The website gave you silly icons as rewards…

The article on the Red got more than 1,000 shares in less than 24 hours (currently over 1,500 shares). It is all Tijuana’s cheap copy of the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and how remarkably shitty it is). The article on the Reader was similar in popularity, shared over 1,000 times in less than a couple days. The Reader one is about the Chun Kun lady, a popular spring roll street vendor in Tijuana (and one of my favorite people ever).

Last week’s articles on print, new articles come out sometime this week on print:


Not only did I have success on the writing world, but after a few weeks of email planning, I had one of the most amazing Tijuana Adventure ever. Compared to June, where many tours were planned but all ended up being canceled, this one actually happened and it was amazing. It actually started wrong, since one of the tourists crossed to Mexico by accident, the other two made it in time, but the other two were 3 hours behind, making the beginning of the tour.

After we all finally found each other in La Cevichería Naiz, the adventure was well under way. I reserved the restaurant Mision 19 for dinner, the fanciest place in Tijuana, since the tour was a bachelor party. Dinner was beyond excellent and like always, I befriended every single client on my tour (and like always, they were all very awesome people to hang out with). After fancy eatings, we went to La Mezcalera for some mezcal shots, and what happened after that will remain in the dark, not only because we were already wasted, but because what happens in a bachelor party is not meant to be shared.

The TJ adventure did not end until breakfast…. but mine continued until Monday morning.

I did not sleep all of Friday and was a zombie on Saturday. I met with the guys to see if they wanted lunch before going to America, but they decided that they were too tired and it was time to go home. I had a blast with them and then got paid (which always makes me feel guilty, but hey… it is a business!)

With cash on my pocket and since I had already gotten published and money was on the way, I got lazy for the rest of the weekend and did not work but instead watched Netflix, EVO2015 and party. I got wasted and passed out in a closet on Sunday at Pedro’s birthday bash, a party with all them cool cats from TJ, free Kokopelli tacos and DJ Chucuchu playing on the rain (Pedro is your neighborhood Mr. Nice Guy). This made me a complete zombie again for Monday and did not published here in my blog… oops!

11375123_464645273695750_1221004952_n – Chucuchu playing a set, picture by ArtMolina

Now, I have plenty of work to do and the rest of week to do it (and run errands! how fun). I feel like doing nothing and enjoying my momentarily success, this is barely a scratch of my potential, pero… la hueva!

Anyway, during my awesome moments of laziness, I got to watch two movies with Julianne Moore. Julianne became a favorite immediately after watching Children of Men. So much talent and guess what, she was awesome every time I saw her in person. The first movie was “Don Jon,” where she plays a cougar that went back to community college and seduces Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I don’t even like redheads, but you can’t help but feel jealousy for Gordon-Levitt’s character….

The second was the award winning “Still Alice,” though a slow movie with shitty actress Kristen Stewart (she was ok in it) and Alec Baldwin (who is sort of a dick), the movie was still AWESOME because of Julianne Moore. I’m a shitty movie critic since I am bias to the people I saw, but hey, here are pictures of Moore smiling at the camera at LAX. No special memories from her, just that she was always super nice and did not care about her picture taken.

Pictures from October 20, 2009 late at night. Her smile is pretty much the same in every set, yet looks completely genuine.

January 14, 2010 again at night (since picture is flash, which I do not prefer).

Jan 14 2010

February 10, 2010, arriving from Paris late at night and she still is a super nice person and smiles.

feb 10 2010 February 10, 2010

And finally, two more pictures from November 15, 2010. Don’t have a memory of seeing her anywhere else but LAX and maybe I saw her more times and did not save the pictures, I’m letting do my hard drive do the thinking in some situations, pretty much like Alice started to make her iPhone be her memory.

november 15, 2010 2 November 15, 2010

Got published a bit, played a show and more crushes! Vanessa Hudgens!

It was a busy busy week after coming back from Los Angeles. I had to catch up with work, so Monday and Tuesday all I did was write. I also worked all of Wednesday, interviewed the Chun Kun lady (which is my next article) and at night I had band practice with DONKICHOW. Thursday was the birthday of the most amazing person in the world (my mom), the family spent the afternoon together in the beach, but I had to dip out because of more band practice. I was supposed to have a Tijuana Adventure on Friday, but it fell through. It was going to be my strangest tour/request I had so far and I am still working on figuring out the situation…

But the result of all the week’s work is that I got published 4 times (still have one pending), and the show went great. You can read the articles by clicking here. We opened the night at Mous Tache bar for San Diego and Tijuana bands: Nicely, Fistfights with Wolves, PL DVNA and Sleeping People. Every band was awesome, but Sleeping People was fucking fantastic. I enjoyed being single once again, let myself go and partied hard. The rest of the weekend was spent recovering from the hangover, though I was supposed to do work.

Today I ran a bunch of errands in San Diego, got my paycheck, then got my cat a new flea collar, kitty litter and bought tons of food. I carried the 30 kilos of groceries from Food4Less in SD to my home in Tj (using the trolley and the 10 pesos taxi).

914450_926381264074898_1585404076_n – Bisho with his new collar.

Since I’ve been enjoying the single life and last post was about my biggest LA crush, I decided to continue the thematic. Another celebrity who I used to have a crush on, and this time somewhat of a real celebrity, was Vanessa Hudgens. Back then, she was supposedly dating Zac Efron, but I always tried being flirtatious and she responded. Vanessa was always super nice to me when I saw her at LAX (and I saw her a lot there). I also saw her a bunch around town, but could only find pictures of the one time she was not cool…. probably because it was a creepy scenario…

These pictures were taken January 22, 2009.
jan 22 09
This was right after I got demoted from my salary position into full freelance with no benefits. I used to go a lot to Burbank because there are like 20 celebrities living in the same 2 mile radius and one of them was Vanessa Hudgens (who at the time lived next to Dakota Fanning, two birds, one stone). I followed her one morning into a Baskin Robbins, desperate for pictures, I came up close to glass and started snapping. Right away, an employee told Vanessa what was happening that she instantly covered up.

She came out of the store like this:
jan 22 09 ic
And drove back to her own home like this:
jan 22 09 ice

After that, all my encounters with Vanessa were pleasant. She was always smiling and I was always courteous (and somewhat flirtatious). I don’t have detailed memory of any of the next set of pictures, except that one time she arrived with her family and I chatted briefly with her Vanessa and her mom.


April 13, 2009.

September 27, 2009.

October 24, 2009.

November 14, 2009, one of my favorite shoots with her and I was by myself… I had over 200 frames from that day.

nov 14 09 3 nov 14 09
nov 14 09 6
nov 14 09 5 nov 14 09 4

December 10, 2010, there were a lot of other paparazzi there.
dec 10 2010

December 13, 2011, again with a lot of paparazzi. I remember more times I saw her one on one, but those pictures are probably lost now.

dec 13 2011

All this editing and looking at old pictures is making me really miss my cameras :(

Anyway, here are some online clippings I had safe for some reason:
4-14-09 Vanessa Hudgens E! 4-14-09 Vanessa Hudgens JJ 9-27-09 Vanessa Hudgens POP 9-27-09 Vanessa Hudgens RADAR 10-24-09 Vanessa Hudgens RADAR

Until next Monday… I’ll probably continue with the theme of my crushes….